woman holding a flower bucket wearing a sari skirt

5 Ways to Wear a Wrap Skirt

We are crazy about wrap skirts and ’tis the season. Although, I have to say I wear skirts year round...might be with long johns but I wear them none the less! We have heard of so many cool ideas on ways to use wrap skirts here at Darn Good Yarn and want to share a few of those ideas with you!

Start With Simple

1. Wrap skirts can be done so many ways it may be mind-boggling. Perhaps you would prefer just an easy visual drawing of how to do a basic wrap of a skirt., it's simple and visual and we love that! The ties are the key to figuring out which way to wear your skirt but it's best to start with a basic wrap weaving one end from inside out through the hole in the waistband. 

woman holding a flower bucket wearing a sari skirt

2. Once you have a basic wrap for your skirt figured out, up the anti! Nothing really technical, but change it up by trying the tie on the side, the front. Tie your ends in a knot or a bow. Sometimes I add a napkin holder and pull my ends through that and tie it off. Subtle wrap skirt ideas to make a slight change in the style. The summer skirts are a sweet way to play with how to wear a magic skirt wrap because they are short (above the knee) and versatile as skirts or shirts!

close up of sari skirts

3. I've lately seen that wearing skirts can be totally non-traditional like going beyond wearing them as skirts or flow tops. Here are a couple shots (above) that Nicole took while out fishing. She wanted to be out of the direct sun and used her sari skirt for a shade source! I also recently had a Mom send a great photo of using her skirt for an awesome privacy cover while nursing...she was really styling! So style can be a basic wrap or something far more!

woman wearing a sari skirt over a busy skirt

4. The possibilities are endless for wrapping your sari skirt. Be open to all the possibilities and find your own ways to wrap your skirt. Think about what you are wearing with it, how you will accessorize and that may help you to choose the wrap of the day. The wrap does give you a whole new look when you try it another way! And while speaking of style, boots are in...have you tried your wrap with boots?

5.Still not sure about how to wrap or wear your skirt? Check out this great video below that Nicole made on how to wear wrap skirts! It's fun and gives you another visual option for wearing your sari wrap skirts. Here at DGY we love hearing from you. How are you wearing your wrap skirt? We'd love to know!