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5 Reasons Why Making Your Own Halloween Costume Is Better Than Buying It

October is here and Halloween is right around the corner! Some of us have been planning our costumes all year while the rest of us are still undecided on what we will be masquerading as for the occasion. Whether your costume has been chosen or you are still in the brainstorming process, one important question still remains: Will you buy your costume or create it yourself? For a Yarn Addict like yourself, the inclination to make your own costume is probably pretty strong. Well, we’re here to encourage you to run with that ambition! Here are 5 reasons why making your own Halloween costume is far better than purchasing one.

Reason 1: Homemade Costumes are One of a Kind.

Here’s the scenario. You show up to your best friend’s Halloween party as Catwoman. But, then you find out that your ex is at the same party, and he brought a date. To make the situation worse, his new girlfriend is wearing the SAME EXACT Catwoman costume that you’re wearing! This is awkward. How can you avoid ever experiencing this situation? The answer is simple. Make your own costume. That way, even if someone at the party had the same idea for a costume as you did, yours will not look exactly the same. Creating your own costume ensures that you will stand out and that your costume will never be duplicated by another party guest or Trick-or-Treater.

Speaking of Catwoman, creating a cat costume is an easy thing to do at home with your knitting needles! You can just as easily disguise yourself as a bear or even a wolf using our

Forest Friends Wool Hat Pattern!


Reason 2: You Will Save Money.

Let’s face it. Store bought costumes can be pricey, even when you order them online. And then, what do you do with them when Halloween is over? You might wear it again next year, but many of us don’t like to be the same thing for Halloween twice. DIY costumes are an excellent solution to this problem as they are often low cost, and the materials you have made to make them can be reused!

One thing that can make a big impact on the appearance of your costume is your headwear/hair. Thanks to Dana at Make Everyday, you can learn how to make easy yarn wigs for a variety of costumes. Click here to learn how to make DIY yarn wigs!


Reason 3: Halloween is a Time to Show Off.

What makes you unique? The answer is most definitely not dressing up for Halloween. In places where the holiday is celebrated, most everybody dresses up for Halloween. But, what makes you different is that you made your awesome costume yourself! (If you take our advice, that is.) Not everyone has the skill to make their own costume, but you do! Show off that skill and make even the most traditional costume fresh with your own personalized touch when you make it yourself.

Even the tried-and-true witch costume can be given a DIY makeover! Check out this knitted witch hat from Let’s Knit.


Reason 4: Homemade Costumes Can Actually Make Your Halloween Prep Easier (No, Really).

Sometimes costumes don’t have to be complicated. Hey can be as basic as putting together items you would wear everyday in an unusual combination to create the perfect disguise. For example, last year, for a workplace costume party, I was Rosie the Riveter. My costume consisted of blue jeans, boots, a red bandana, and one of my husband’s blue button up shirts. It was easy, effective, and I didn't have to buy anything that I didn’t already own.

The same principle can apply even if you are knitting or crocheting a part of your costume. I’m not sure about you, but when I go through the effort of making something, I like it to be something I can wear again and again! Many homemade costume elements can also be won as everyday items. For example, check out our Fingerless Mittens Pattern. These fun and functional mittens can be used if your dressing up as a 90’s punk rock star, an adventurer, or even Rey from Star Wars.

Woman's hands wearing Fingerless Mittens in blue and holding a white mug

Reason 5: Halloween is a Time to Express Yourself!

What do you love? If you’ve got a favorite movie, book, show, or character, Halloween is the perfect time to let everyone know just how much you love it with your costume! However, stores just don’t sell costumes made for every single story and character. Even if they do, you might just be disappointed with how they look. You can do better, right? Of course you can. You’re a master DIY-er!

Are you going as April for Parks and Recreation? Knit yourself the perfect yellow cardigan! How about Frodo from the Lord of the Rings? Take some grey yarn and knit yourself an awesome cloak! If you want to go as Finn from Adventure Time, let us help you out with the hat portion of the costume with our Arctic Snowball Hat pattern!

Woman wearing a white Artic Snowball Hat in front of a green background

Now that you have your reasons and hopefully more motivation that ever to create amazing DIY Halloween costumes, it’s time to get started! Since it’s already October, you may be working on your masterpiece on the go. For that purpose, definitely check out our Knitting and Crochet Yarn Storage Bags. One of these handy carry-ons is sure to help you get ready for 10/31 in time!

If you’re taking our advice and crafting your costume from yarn this year, we would love to hear about it! If you tried one of the ideas from the post or something from your own imagination, let us know in the comments or via our Instagram, Twitter, or Instagram!

Happy Halloween from the team at Darn Good Yarn!