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5 Health Benefits of Knitting and Crocheting

Hi everyone!

Here at Darn Good Yarn you really don't need to give us a reasons to pick up a hook, or a pair of needles. 

Crafting, particularly those crafts done mostly by hand, have more to offer than the products you make. A lot of people don't realize that Nicole Snow, owner of Darn Good Yarn, has dealt with depression. For her, like for a lot of you reading this, crafting became a way to fight that depression and find a happier place in life.

So for those just starting out, or if you're suffering from yarn-block, here are some awesome reasons to pick up, or start your latest project!

yarn over a wooden table

1. It's a workout for your brain.

Crafts have been shown to generate activity in many areas of your brain--area's that don't usually work together. This makes the brain work in different ways, and has been linked to less memory and cognitive impairment in those who do hand-crafting--even those who picked it up during their middle age.

2. It's relaxing.

This is one that probably goes without saying, but hand crafts like knitting, and crocheting can be meditative, or just plain relaxing hobbies. The repetitive movements slow you down and work with your parasympathetic nervous system to keep you away from "fight or flight" mode.

3. Its been shown to help with mental illness.

From people with anorexia, to people with depression, picking up a project has been shown to help people who are mentally ill by bringing their focus away from their situation, but at the same time allowing for quiet thought.

4. It keeps your hands healthy! 

Moving those joints might make you think that they'd wear out faster, but moving your cartilage around actually keeps it more healthy, and less prone to stiffening up!


And overall...


5. It'll make you happier.

Studies have shown that knitting will actually make you happier than you were before you started. We're willing to bet this applies to other hand crafts as well. :) Whether it's the dopamine (essentially one of your brain's "happy juices") that is released or just knowing that you're making something new and awesome, a nice dose of happy is sure to come along with a work-in-progress.

So if you were waiting for a sign to start up your crafting (or start again!) consider this to be it. And don't forget to show us what you make with Darn Good Yarn for a chance to be featured on our social media accounts!