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5 Easy Crochet Patterns for Beginners

Do You Want To Be a Hooker

Crocheting! Do you do it? Do you want to? Are you thinking about teaching someone else? Or learning together? Darn Good Yarn staff is big on helping people of all abilities and we really love to support crafters who may just be starting out. New hobbies can be a bit intimidating, especially if you don't know where to begin.

I think its best to begin at the beginning! Let's keep this simple and just remember that you can find how to crochet videos on YouTube that will guide you with basic stitches. If you have a friend to teach you, even better! Be sure to get crochet hooks and a hunk of yarn for practicing! Crochet has some basic stitches such as chain, single crochet and double crochet so start with that and just keep practicing! 

1.The pattern for the tote above can be worked in crochet or knit.It's not a complete beginner pattern but I wanted to give you something to aspire to! But is really is simple! Below, I'm including some of our basic patterns for beginner crochet projects. These patterns were created with the beginner in mind. After all, we have to start some where and here at DGY we love getting people excited about our fibers and the joy of creating.

Check the Neck

woman wearing a collar made out of chiffon ribbon yarn

I've started wearing a scarf or some sort of accessory around my neck. I feel like this is a confession! I've tried before but never quite felt comfortable with the flair of a scarf around my neck. The difference for my is that if it's homemade the cool factor is much higher and the other thing is that with some of the great fibers out there, I can create some simple things with not a lot of crochet know-how!

2.With a name like the Easy Peasy scarf pattern, you know the chain scarf above has got to be do-able! The neat thing about this downloadable pattern is that it's just one stitch; the entire thing is worked in chain stitch. As I mentioned earlier, practice is really key to learning crochet stitches (or anything in life!), and this pattern is a great way to practice your chain stitch and can be made with a skein of any ribbon yarn! 

close up of yarn

3.Wearing scarves for warmth has become a definite for me! When the wind blows I want something around my neck. I also love having an easy project such as this scarf pattern seen above. This pattern is downloadable and again, the repetition of this pattern will give you ample opportunity to crochet.You could try our Wild Peacock yarn or some of our other recycled silk yarns. Scarves make great first projects so give it a try!

yarn project over a brown background

4.Lanyards are a wonderful thing. With this easy crochet lanyard pattern, you can create something to carry your keys or whatever you want and still have your hands free to crochet some more! It could be an endless cycle, make a lanyard and hands are free to make...another lanyard. But the reality is the  more you make lanyards the better you will be at crocheting and that is definitely an upward path!

Firecracker Fun

multicolor yarn skein with white label that says darn good yarn

bag made out of yarn

5.DGY has some really fun fibers and why not try one to use with this easy slouch bag pattern? I love small, funky bags to carry my keys, phone and my change purse. This might not be your first project but this is an easy pattern and is crocheted with 4 skeins of Recycled Resolution Silk Yarn such as our firecracker colorway on the left and a size H crochet hook. A great easy project!

Crochet kits and easy crochet patterns are a great way to get started. Young or old, beginner or pro, their are times when easy patterns are what we need or long for. There is nothing better than a simple pattern to hone our crochet skills and have the extreme pleasure of making something, just making something! It doesn't have to be complicated or exotic. Now that you are hooked (like with a crochet hook!), what are you going to crochet?