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4 Of Our Favorite Moss Stitch Patterns

Written by Kate Curry

The moss stitch is alive and well in both knit and crochet worlds! The knit version of the moss stitch is created by alternating between knit and purl and then changing their locals after 2 rows. In crochet, the moss stitch is made by alternating between single crochet and chain stitches. Due to the alternating nature of the moss stitch, it is most often used to create brims, ribbing, and highly textured pieces.

The moss stitch is also known as the woven or linn stitch - so don’t let any name swaps scare you away from using this stunning stitch! If you need a little help on how to crochet or knit the moss stitch, we have you covered over at our Stitch Learning Center where you can find more awesome how-to-stitch tutorial videos!

Our Favorite Moss Stitch Projects

Handspun Headband

close up of woman wearing a Handspun Headband

This is a quick and fun knit. Add your own variations, and explore stitches as you knit up this classic headband while practicing your moss stitchin’! 

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Purse

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Purse Pattern with a metal handle

Created while knitting by the ocean, this purse pattern resembles the waves and seaweed from the texture and color of our Blender Recycled Yarn, and Sari Silk Ribbon. The handles are inspired by founder Nicole's love for metal and wire work; after she couldn't find handles of her own, she decided to make some herself!

Cloud Slouch Beanie

A beanie crochet from white, blue, and pink handmade yarn

This pattern is a downloadable exclusive! This beanie is super cute and is super basic for any crafter looking to make their first moss stitch beanie! 

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Party Bobble Clutch

A tall clutch made from thick rainbow and white yarn.

We’re spoiling you with another free downloadable pattern! This bright and bubbly clutch is for our intermediate friends that know their way around the hook. But trust us - this clutch is worth the effort! 

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