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2016 Yarn / Knitting Events and Why You Want to Go

Knitting, crocheting, creating...one does these things alone. Or do we?  Some crafters like the comradery of sharing with others. Thanks to Stitch 'n Bitch, there are now knitting groups in every state whether in a library, at a community center or someone's home. You can create or join one. And have you heard of the Revolutionary Knitting Circle that pokes good fun about political Craftivism ?  So it appears that the art of working with fiber can most certainly be a fun and social hobby taking on the flavor of all the people with in it.

That being said many of us would love to commune with the larger fiber community. While you may choose to play with fiber by the warmth of your wood stove (we call this "the old dog syndrome" in our family!) while sipping a cup of tea, there are those who want the full fiber fest!


***Getting into the knitting community- Knitters and fiber artists are some of the kindest, most loving people and not to generalize but they love teaching and helping others how to craft. 

***Learning something new- Whether beginner or expert, there are many things to learn about fiber.  Fiber events always offer demonstrations, classes and that cozy corner were two people quietly share the news stitch they can share.

***Networking is essential- How else to keep one's sanity?  In attending a fiber event, crafters can share...their accomplishments, their mistakes, their angst and their job.  Bottom line, the networking is the very "thread" of any fiber party!

***Admiring different fibers- I well remember a conversation with a friend and finding out we are both knitters. Her comment was "well, you must collect yarn then!!". How very true and no fiber festival would be complete with out fibers, both new and old and well loved. All of us collect  fibers and honestly the dreamy, creative potential for what can be made is an intrinsic part of the process. And how cool is it that Darn Good Yarn has recycled fiber which is not only fun to use but is keeping the earth happy too?

***Seeking motivation?  Inspiration?- Events that carry ribbon, wool, cotton, needles, patterns, beautiful finished pieces, silk, looms, alpaca fiber, and color, texture, and "the latest of everything under the fiber dome"....WARNING you will be on a yarn and fiber overload with all that you will see. Not a bad thing at all, just be ready to pick up a glass of wine and your needles at the end of your event day so that you can process all the beauty you have participated in.


Here are a few events that you can participate  and if you can't make this one, there is always the next. How cool is it to live in a time when creativity and fiber pursuits are so prolific! 

1. How about a cruise for knitters?  I never knew there was such a thing until I found this list of  upcoming 2016 events sponsored by the Knitter's review gives a great listing of fiber events in the US and abroad. This list is extensive and has also offers a place to submit your fiber event! 

2. The fiber events calendar at http://fiberevents.com/ provides a listing of over 90 events and festivals worldwide.   Some listings have not been updated because the sites they are linked to haven't got the 2016 information yet.  It is still useful and I love that I can sort the chart by state, month or fiber event....very useful if you have one piece of this but not the whole scoop!

3.. Wait!  How about a one day fiber event that the whole world is invited to? WWKIPD or Worldwide Knit in Public Day is just that!  This year it will be held on Saturday, June 18, 2016 with registration opening up at the site in January 2106. Each event is put together by a volunteer or group of volunteers and is a fantastic way to celebrate knitting with a PDK (Public Display of Knitting). Join the global movement to love and share the joy of fiber, not sitting by the wood stove this time but with that one big, common thread of humanity sharing in global creativity.

4. Have you ever attended a Stitches event?  Join Darn Good Yarn at Stitches West, February 18 -21, 2016,  If you are planning on attending this Santa Clara event be sure to contact us at info@darngoodyarn.com and maybe we can connect for a glass of wine after hours!  Certainly stop by and see all the latest responsibly sources yarn. We can't wait to see you! Also here is a listing of Stitches events for 2016 in all areas....check out their video for more inspiration on why you want to attend a fiber event!