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9 Unusual Knit, Crochet, and Other Inspiring Projects

Oh Yeah! We've Mastered Unique!

Welcome to Darn Good Yarn! If you know us, you know that we love being unique and stretching our fiber boundaries. If you are not familiar with us yet,  this blog will give you a sense of some of the ways we love to inspire crafters young and old, beginner and professional! Carrying unique fibers gives all of us a great springboard for unusual knitting and crocheting projects. We love multimedia, too, as that is such a free way to play with fiber and other materials.

Sure, we carry more traditional fibers like wools (our wool just happens to come from yaks!), and we are passionate about the tradition and history of handcrafts. We also love that our unique yarns conjure up all kinds of new ideas!  How cool is that and remember that we are always looking for new design patterns! Please contact us at info@darngoodyarn.com if you have some design inspiration that you want to share with the Darn Good World!

Thinking Outside the Box...Wait! Is There a Box?!!!

1.Unique. One-of-a kind. Different.These words all describe our About To Bloom Pattern which is knit using our Recycled Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn. This wrap is both practical (keeps the chill out) and flirtatious (an eye catcher for sure!) One of a kind just upped itself one!

2.Here is another great idea...this Wild Peacock Wrap Pattern is an easy knit project using exotic hand spun yarn! The yarn is made of sari silk that is hand spun by women at our co-ops in India.The colors are rich and the design will speak quite clearly of this unique and classy style!

Mitered Square Tapestry Pattern

3.Knitting tapestry. Really? Sure, knitting isn't just about scarves and hats.Consider working with amazing fibers and stretching the boundaries of what you make.The Sari Silk Knit Tapestry Pattern opens our minds to new dimensions for knitting. So cool to take old traditions and break into new ideas!

Sari Silk Ribbon - Darn Good Yarn

4.Sari Silk Ribbon comes in so many colors and coupling that with the soft texture, we just had to explore contemporary ways to craft with this amazing ribbon. Another great knit idea is the DGY Artfully Yours Poncho Pattern.

Have I got your attention yet? Knowing Darn Good Yarn's passion for new ideas this blog post can only get more interesting!

Lookin' at Hookin'

Buttoned Cowl Pattern - Darn Good Yarn

5.Accessories can so make an outfit! Add a cowl to your wardrobe but why make it ordinary? I love the funk of this Buttoned Cowl Pattern with buttons. It's fun and creative! How wonderful to add some pizzazz and glam! And handmade, too! This is not your ordinary cowl!

Hemp Scrubby Pattern - Darn Good Yarn

6.Unique can be useful, too! Wanting to make something less common, totally creative, and useful? Try our Hemp Scrubby Pattern and have a very au-naturale crochet project that you can use in the shower! Best idea yet? Make these scrubbies using our hemp and then gift this with homemade soap for a really sweet gift for your friends and family!

Eye of Creativity Pattern - Darn Good Yarn

7.Incredible! Outrageous! Oozing with creativity! Our Eye of Creativity Crochet Pattern exudes creativity and gives you a pattern to guide you! This is the perfect path to try something totally creative and also having the support of a pattern to help you when you want a bit of reassurance. And when we try things way out of comfort zone, remember that the sweetest fruit is furthest out on the limb! Go for it!

Look Mom! No Needle!

Spiralling Up Pattern

8.Not all greatness comes from crafting hooks and needles. Darn Good Yarn has unique fibers and great inspiration for other crafts. One super fun one is our Newspaper Wrap Pattern which makes a super easy basket. Wrapping is the premiere process of this project which is great to do with the kids...and has a recycling component, too!

Release Your Inner Fiber Artist - Darn Good Yarn

9.Wanting to experiment with fiber and try some Darn Good Yarn? Our Release Your Inner Fiber Artist Tutorial is a great way to make a shawl, weave a seat, make bangles, and more! Sometimes, we need a little direction in life so we are happy to give you a few stepping stones to creativity!

The staff at Darn Good Yarn loves to be the spark for your creativity! We continually look for ways to be supportive and creative. We love traditions in crafting that go far back in time and we also love forging ahead with new crafting ideas! We also would love to hear from you about your latest creation! Do you have a new pattern you'd like to barter with us?