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1 hour Sari Ribbon Netbook Case

Ah, before we get into the knitting pattern, I wanted to share a special woman's Etsy store site: Rose Young's awesome store: fuzzballs.etsy.com.

OK, back to the show!

So some background: I was looking for a sleeve originally for my netbook. I made one, but it's not terribly useful. I carry too much "stuff" with me. I usually use this at the library and I'm taking notes in a dare-I-say real notebook while I have research happening on the netbook. So, I made this bag more loopy with no real structure. It serves the purpose, it's quick to make, it's colorful and best of all.

You can also modify this to make it satchel type bag by lining it and throwing a strap on it.

You'll need two skeins of yarn.

Size US 19 needles

Cast on 3 sts

Row 1, K3

Row 2-7 M1, K to end of row (Row 7 is approximate depending on the size of your netbook. Measure yours and make adjustments as necessary.)

Row 9-12 knit

Row 13-18, k2tog, K to end of row

Row 19 K3

Bind off

Make another panel.

Sew together leaving one end open (your choice of lengthwise or width wise). I used left over ribbon to make closures. But you can use buttons or whatever else your heart desires!