Darn Good Yarn For Inc. 5000

Feb 04, 2019 


Nicole Snow, founder and CEO of Darn Good yarn, shares her story with Inc.5000 reporter Cameron Albert-Deitch about the growth of her family and business.  


“You're told, when you're pregnant, that you can't get stressed because it affects the baby. It made me hyper-paranoid. I was used to running at this macho entrepreneurial speed, working 100-hour weeks. Until I got pregnant, the business and Nicole were one and the same.” 


When Nicole became pregnant, she had to put herself and her health before her business, something she had never done before. Times were stressful, which caused Nicole to take out that anxious energy on her employees who were trying to step up to the plate while she went on maternity leave. 


Nicole learned that she could rely on her team, and not just during her maternity leave! 


“That's when it occurred to me: They actually had it pretty well under control. Maybe I should have trusted them. And then, our numbers came out for that year--and we did really well. We had 40 percent growth from the year before, which was astounding to me.” 


With the reassurance that she could trust her team, Nicole began to change the way she worked day-to-day. Instead of rushing around in a panic, Nicole now gets the “dirty diapers” of her day done first, leaving the leftover time for her to make some fiber magic!

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