Pinecone Mobile Project - Darn Good Yarn

Pinecone Mobile Project


Looking for a super cute, eco-friendly way to decorate your child's bedroom? If so, we have the perfect project for you! Fun fact: The finished product can also be a DIY boho wall hanging!!

Designed by: Paloma, @ittybittyartcreations

Materials needed: 

  • Darn Good Yarn Silk Roving Worsted Weight Yarn in Midnight Pines and Vibrant Macaron
  • Two sticks
  • Variety of pinecones
  • Beads
  • Scissors

Step 1

Gather all materials.

Materials gathered for pine cone mobile project: colorful beads in a wooden box, three pine cones in a wooden box, two multicolored balls of yarn, a pair of scissors with green handles and two sticks on a white background

Step 2

Cut one piece of yarn approximately 24 inches long.

Photograph of a pair of green handled scissors preparing to cut blue green yarn.

Step 3

Place one stick over the other (forming an X shape). Then, using your yarn wrap the middle portion to secure both sticks together, nice and tight!

Photograph of two sticks overlapping each other to form a X tied together in the middle with blue-green yarn.

Step 4

Wrap the remaining sticks using your ball of yarn until they are covered to your liking.

Photograph of two overlapped sticks with one stick partially wrapped with multicolored silk roving yarn on white background. 

Step 5

Cut a piece of yarn about 12” long and loop it around the middle of your mobile and tie a knot. This will be what holds it mobile up while hanging.

Photograph showing two sticks completely wrapped with multicolored silk roving yarn, a ball of green, blue and white silk roving yarn, green handled scissors and (4) lengths of green, blue and white silk roving yarn on white background.

Step 6

Cut four more pieces of yarn, each about 24” long. Tie one piece of yarn on the end of each stick.

A photograph showing the undecorated mobile (two fully wrapped and bonded sticks with four lengths of green, blue and white yarn handing from ends.

Step 7

Now for the fun part... DECORATING! Add beads and pinecones of different sizes in any order color scheme you desire. (Note: To attach pinecones I wrapped the yarn right around the middle section and made a little knot. For large pinecones I wrapped yarn around the stem)

A photograph showing a closeup of decorations for the mobile: multicolored beads.

A photograph showing a closeup of the pinecones used to terminate the lengths of yarn.

Step 8

Lastly, find the perfect spot to hang your beautiful mobile! Take a pic and tag us on Instagram @darngoodyarn or using the hashtag #darngoodyarn and get a chance to be featured on this blog or on our Instagram.

Finished pine cone mobile showing brightly colored branches hanging (4) pine cones with beaded yarn and two multicolored balls of yarn.