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Personal Wall Rainbow

In honor of Pride month, we've created this super cute wall hanging to spread some positive vibes and creativity!! It's super easy and is a great way to add a little pop of color to brighten up your home! :)

What you will need:

  • Lace Weight Yarn (I used our DGY Lace Weight in Exotic Rainbow) 

  • Wooden Wreath Ring 

  • Scissors 

  • Paint (optional) 

  • Fake Flowers (optional) 

  • Glue (optional) 

An unpainted wooden hoop is laying ontop of a brown artist's board that is heavily stained with paint. To the top of the hoop sits a small bottle of paint, a pair of scissors, and a hank of multicolored yarn.

Step One: (optional)

I decided that I didn't like the plain wood of my wreath ring, so I decided to paint it white. I think it makes the colors of the yarn pop a little brighter. 

The plain wooden hoop is being held against the paint-stained artist's board. A blue paint brush is applying white paint onto the unpainted wooden hoop.

Step Two:

Now you need to wind the yarn into a ball so you can easily cut even strands of yarn. With our lace weight yarn, I've found the best way to wind it is to unskein the hank, toss it over my knees, and unwind that way :) 

If you're not a fan of the knee-method, you can use one of our awesome Darn Good Yarn Swifts and our Handmade Wooden Yarn Ball Winder. 

A person is using their knees to unwind their rainbow yarn. The unwound-skein is around their knees and the person is showing the small ball of yarn that they are winding in their hand to the bottom left of the picture.

Step Three:

Once your yarn is unwound, cut the yarn into even strands. You want to cut the yarn long enough that it will make a flowing effect when it's knotted to the wreath ring. I made my strands about 15 inches long, but you can make yours as long or as short as you'd prefer!

I also cut the yarn into specific color combinations to create the rainbow effect. I like to cut the yarn and then sort them into neat little piles for easy access while I'm tying the yarn to the wooden wreath ring. 

A pile of yarn is being separated into different colored piles. There is one pile of orange-teal, another of yellow-green, another of blue-orange, another of purple-pink  and finally one of pink-purple yarn strands.

Step Four:

Now that your yarn is cut, you can start tying the yarn to your wooden wreath ring. Taking 4 strands at a time, tie a simple double knot around the wooden ring. 

A close up of the white loom, showing a person tying the yarn onto the hoop. The hoop is resting on the same paint-stained artist's board.

Step Five:

Continue tying your yarn strands around your wooden ring wreath in groups of four. The more strands you use, the fuller the wall hanging will look. You can use as much yarn as you'd like- I covered enough of the 'base' of the wreath ring to make sure my wall hanging was nice and full. 

A white hoop with muticolored yarn tied to the bottom of the loop is resting against a brown artist's board. The artist's board is covered in paint marks and old painters tape.

Step Six: (optional)

Once you've added all the yarn that you'd like, you can add fake flowers, leaves, or other decorations to cover up the knots if you don't like the rustic look (I've done this on another wall hanging that I made for Halloween!) 

Another finished hoop, this one Halloween themed with a black hoop, spooky flowers, and orange and black yarn is hanging off the bottom half of the hoop, is now hanging on an off-white wall.

If you don't want to add on anything else to your wall hanging, you will still have a gorgeous piece of art that you made with love to hang on your wall! :)

The finished white hoop, with multicolored yarn hanging off the bottom half of the hoop, is now hanging on an off-white wall.

If the Exotic Rainbow isn't your perfect yarn, here are a few more options you might love! 

Happy crafting! 


Kate Curry

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