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How to Crochet, Knit, or Weave a Rug for Your Home

Rugs Rugs Rugs

Rugs Rugs Rugs

Rugs provide such cool accents in our homes! Are you needing a welcome mat at your front door or something to keep your toes warm while loading the washing machine? Buried in my pattern collection. I have a great pattern for crocheting a bath rug and I so want to find it and try it with some sari silk yarn. Hard to choose just one fiber but I love the multi colored one inch ribbon below for crocheting rugs!

Practical or Pleasurable

So can we talk berber? Without being technical, berber is a textured feel and look that has a more nubbly, bubbly, that was far from technical! I have a cat named Bob who loves berber rugs so he has one (not that Bob is in charge or anything)!!! I have now realized that I could make something like a berber rug using strong fiber such as hemp. Beyond cats, a hemp rug could be great outside the door for wiping boots! Thanks for the suggestion, Bob!


Rag or Recycled Rugs

Reclaimed Cotton Rug

Rugs like the one above are made from old bed linens and t-shirt cotton. They whip up quickly once the cloth is cut into long strips and can be worked up easily using a larger crochet hook or big knitting needles. This example is in an easy crochet circular pattern. Not sure you want to go through the work or cut up your t-shirts? DGY does carry reclaimed cotton, too!

Back and Forth


True confessions! I am a weaver wanna-be! I have a rigid heddle loom and not a lot of space. Well, that is until recently. We put a full cellar where our crawl space use to be and one of the first things to come down out of the hot, overcrowded attic was my RH! Yahoo! I can't tell you how excited I am to have that standing up so I can work on weaving when ever I have a few minutes. I totally want to play with rug making and can't decide which fiber to play with first! Suggestions?


Darn Good Yarn Welcome Rug

Rugs speak to us about opening our doors, our homes, our hearts. This knit rug pattern above is super easy and totally puts a bit of zest in your nest. Texture, color, and homemade quality speaks of warmth and a cozy feel. Reclaimed fibers make this a wonderful welcome mat or a great new home gift!

Still looking for more ideas on creating a rug? How about a very cool crochet bath mat from They suggest using rope but this could be so cool and soft with some sari silk ribbon! The pattern is great and remember that you can use whatever you want for your fiber. Consider your needs and your traffic and adjust the gauge accordingly.

We here at DGY love sharing what we do and what we learn about. Rugs are just one more cool way to use our unique fibers. We're rolling out the welcome mat for you and looking forward to your visit!!! So how do you feel about rugs and what unique fiber can we help you find? xo Janis