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What Size Crochet Hook Is Best For Granny Squares?

Written by Kate Curry

Are you a huge fan of granny squares? Do granny square shawls, bags, and other accessories dominate your home? If so, that’s awesome! Us too! If you’re looking to make your own granny squares, and you don’t know what size crochet hook is best, we’re here to help.

It’s All In The Yarn

Before you start crocheting, it’s important to know your yarn. Yarn should come with a tag or label that will tell you the basics of your yarn, including the weight, care instructions, and most importantly, the suggested crochet hook size.

On a dark wooden table, a purple crochet hook is attached to a granny square made of white, blue, and pink worsted weight yarn.

Choosing Your Yarn

Most patterns for granny squares suggest a worsted weight yarn or thicker. These yarns will have suggested hook size anywhere from 5.5mm for worsted weight to 15mm for super bulky yarn. Remember, the thicker your yarn, the larger your squares will be.

An Indian woman is sitting on the ground, working on a crochet white and multicolored granny square shawl.

You can make granny squares out of lace weight or other types of thin yarn, but it will take more time to create a fully finished square, let alone an entire finished piece. But hey, sometimes it’s worth the work and waiting for a gorgeous granny square!

Granny Square Projects

For each of our granny square projects, the best crochet hook size is listed in the pattern or tutorial!

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