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How To Make A Granny Square Tank Top | Crochet Tutorial

Written by Kate Curry

It’s time to make your own trendy and stylish granny square tank top! This tank is made out of our handmade worsted weight silk yarn and can be worn over a simple tank or crop top to really showcase the colors.


You can use any colors you want! I love being able to mix our regular worsted weight with our sparkle worsted for a little pop of shimmer!

Finished Measurements

Length: 11 1/2 inches
Width: 14 inches


MC: Magic Circle
CH(s): Chain(s)
DC: Double crochet
SLST: Slip stitch
BO: Bind off
BLO: Back loop only

Let’s Get Started!

To Make The Squares

Using Color A
Round 1: Create a MC
Round 2: CH 3 & 2 DC into the hole
Round 3: CH 3 & 3 DC
Round 4: CH 3 & 3 DC
Round 5: CH 3 & 3 DC & SLST into the 3rd CH of that original CH 3

Using Color B
Round 6: Slip knot & join in the corner.
Round 7: CH 3 & 2 DC& CH2
Round 8: 3 DC into same hole  & CH 1
Round 9: 3 DC into the next corner hold, 2 CH, 3 DC, & CH 1 
Round 10: 3 DCinto the next corner, 2 CH, 3 DC, & CH 1 
Round 11: 3 DCinto the next corner , 2 CH, 3 DC, Ch 1, & SLST into the 3rd CHof the original CH

Using Color C
Round 12: Slip knot & join in the corner,
Round 13: CH 3, 2 DC, & Ch 2. 3 DC into same hole  & CH 1
Round 14: 3 DCinto new side hole & Ch 1
For the other 3 corners, repeat round 12
For the remaining 3 sides, repeat round 14
When finished, BO 

For this tank, I swapped the color A and color B for every other square to have a cute color variation.

Three lines of multicolored granny squares are stitched together and laying on a wooden table by a pair of seafoam green scissors.

Connect Your Squares

Using Color C, Sandwich 2 squares together and SLST the first CH. SLST the BLO for the remainder of the side of the square. Connect the rest of your squares with the SLST method. I’ve created a chart for you to know which squares to connect together

On a light purple background,  grid template of the front and the back of the granny square top is laid out to show how many squares are needed for the top.
The black, white, and pink/blue granny square top is laid out on a wooden table, near the brown crochet hook used to make them, and a little journal with dogs on the cover.

Create The Strap 

Using color C, SLST to the edge of the top of the square. CH 50. When finished, SLST the CH to the other corner of the square that makes up the top portion of the tank top.

A person with short blonde hair is standing outside in the sun wearing the granny square top and a bright green tank top.

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