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The Granny Square is Back! How Do You Make Your Own?

Whether you know how to crochet or are simply interested in fiber crafts, you may have heard the term “granny square” in passing. Granny squares have made a comeback in the 21st century, with younger generations bringing back granny square fashion on social media. If you’re wondering what a granny square is, how to make one, and what kinds of garments and objects you can make by stitching granny squares together, this blog post is for you!

What is a Granny Square?

A granny square is a square piece of fabric that is typically crocheted by hand. There are many patterns for granny squares, and many uses of granny squares. You can use all different types of yarn to make granny squares, but wool and cotton are most commonly used. Granny squares can also be made just about any size you want, although most crocheters make them about six to eight inches across and then stitch them together to create a fabric. 

A close up of a white, pink, blue, and red granny square
Granny squares can be simple OR multicolored with intricate stitches

The first known example of a granny square appeared around 1885 in an edition of Prairie Farmer, which is an Illinois based agricultural magazine, in which a woman named Mrs. Phelps published a pattern for a “crazy afghan” made up of many squares of different colors all sewn together into a blanket. 

Granny squares were incredibly popular in the 1970s, with all sorts of clothing and blankets being made from granny squares. Because they are so easy and quick to make, they are a popular choice for beginner crocheters who are just learning the variety of crochet stitches that exist.

How Do You Make a Granny Square?

The most basic granny square pattern is, firstly, a square. Patterns for other granny square shapes exist, such as hexagons, but the square is the most traditional type of granny square. Typically, they are crocheted from the center out using chain stitches and double crochet stitches to create tiny blocks within the granny square. 

You can follow our basic granny square tutorial here: How to Crochet: Granny Stitch

We also have a wonderful granny square cardigan pattern! It’s a great pattern for beginner crocheters as the construction is fairly simple, and you only need to know a few stitches

Granny squares can be made out of any type of stitch you’d like, so once you learn a few different types of stitches, you’ll definitely be able to make a ton of different types of granny squares.

What Can You Make Using Granny Squares?

There are many possibilities when it comes to garments and objects that can be made by stitching granny squares together. The most common use of granny squares is afghans, large blankets made by crocheting hundreds of granny squares and stitching them together into a rectangle. However, you can also make sweaters, shorts, legwarmers, and even hats with granny squares. 

A person wearing a yellow shirt, sitting on the ground, crocheting a multicolored granny square cardigan.
Granny squares can be stitched together to create so many projects!

What Yarn Should I Use for Granny Squares?

You can use pretty much any yarn to make a granny square. If you want your finished piece to be warm and water-resistant, you should choose wool. If you want a cool, summer piece, cotton is your best option. And if you want something very soft, alpaca or merino wool will be best. You can also use sparkly yarns for a fun look. 

12 skeins of multicolor worsted weight yarn cakes are posed in an oval. At the center of the oval are two granny squares. One granny square is light pink, dark pink, and a pale pink. The other granny square is bright blue and red.
For beginners, we suggest bulky yarns for granny squares!

Need some extra inspiration? Check out our 10 Ideas for Making Crochet Granny Squares Tutorial!

If you’re brand new to crochet, we would suggest these yarns for you: 

The Bottom Line

Granny squares are an awesome way to learn to crochet and to use up scrap yarn because they are so small and work up so quickly. There are tons of cool projects that you can make with granny squares, including bags, jewelry, cardigans, and more. Basic granny squares are easy to crochet using just a chain stitch and a double crochet stitch, while more complex granny squares use a number of different stitches that you can learn. 

Whether you’re a beginner crocheter or quite seasoned in the craft, granny squares are a fun way to pass time and create beautiful projects that will become family heirlooms!

If you’re looking for a fun granny square kit, we have the perfect thing for you. It comes with twelve colors of silk yarn, and a pattern for a granny square as well as patterns for a poncho or a shawl that you can create with your granny squares.