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We heart it: Relationship Goals

Do you know why I love February 14th so much? Well, it's a beautiful day full of love<3, chocolate & the halfway point of being done with February---bringing us closer to Spring!! :)  But, all jokes aside, it is a beautiful day to celebrate the pairing of two people (or yarns) that compliment & bring out the best in each other all while making beautiful creations together. 

It is our honor...

To be the first to introduce you to our two favorite couples, Moody Blues Hand Beaded Silk Yarn & Mermaid at the Sea Dyelot 2 Lace Weight Silk Yarn and 
By the Sea Chiffon Ribbon & Silk Chiffon Ribbon. These two pairs are without a doubt our #relationshipgoals of the month. Just look at how beautifully they work together?! And did you hear the story about how they met? I don't think there was a dry eye in the room after the maid of honor, 
Ms. Bowl, read their Start At Love promise to each other

Hand Beaded & Lace Weight Silk Yarn skeins on a black background with pink and red illustrated hearts and a purple darn good yarn logo with text that reads '#relationshipgoals'

Stronger Together

Why are Hand Beaded Silk Yarn Lace Weight Silk Yarn relationship goals? Besides the fact that they look absolutely beautiful together, they make each other stronger. Our favorite way to knit the two is using the darn good hack: knitting with multiple strands technique! This will give you the look of a chunky knit without using chunky yarn. Therefore: saving you money (which responsible couples should do) and creating a stronger bond.


Trying New Things

2 chiffon ribbon skeins on a black background with pink and red illustrated hearts and a purple darn good yarn logo with text that reads '#relationshipgoals'

Someone once told me that the trick to a strong, healthy relationship is to always try new things. New restaurants, new travel locations, new trends. Arm Knitting is huge right now- we know because we try to keep up with you trendy crafters. One thing that Mr. Chiffon Ribbon & Mrs.Silk Chiffon Ribbon do exceptionally well is keep up with whats new. They are the leading contenders in the arm knitting arena, actually. They continually give an A+ result, even being selected by our fabulous CEO & Founder Nicole to be featured in her How To Arm Knit Video, as seen below.






From everyone at the Darn Good Yarn family to you, we hope you have a great Valentines Day full of love, happiness and yarn! 






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