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Top 10 Anxiety-Reducing DIY Crafting Projects

Written by Kate Curry

As of 2022, 40 million adults in the United States have been diagnosed with some form of anxiety disorder. (source

One of the most important milestones to living with anxiety is finding out which coping mechanisms work for you! Some examples of anxiety coping mechanisms are: 

  • Exercising 
  • Journaling 
  • Meditating & doing yoga  
  • Cleaning 
  • Venting to your loved ones 
  • Playing or listening to music 
  • And my favorite - CREATE SOMETHING! 
A table with a rainbow table cloth is covered in yarn bowls, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and rainbow yarn. People are sitting around the table, their hands hard at work knitting and crocheting.
Crafting with your bros is great for your mental health

Fiber arts have been proven to have mental health benefits (source). When your mind is focused on your craft of choice, you can see benefits such as: 

  • Reduced anxiety & depression 
  • Lowered blood pressure 
  • Mental distraction from pain 

Personally, I love that fiber arts are a part of my coping mechanisms! When I’m focusing on my loom or counting my stitches, I find it difficult for my mind to wander off to the darker parts of life that tend to cause my anxiety to spike. It’s hard to think about something embarrassing I did 2 years ago when I’m trying to find a dropped stitch! 🤣

With my fellow anxious friends in mind, I’ve come up with the top 10 knitting, weaving, and crochet anxiety-reducing projects that you’re sure to love! 

💜The List💜

  1. 30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf

  2. I adore the 30 minute arm knit scarf kit. These simple kits don’t require much time or any fancy notions. You just need your arm! Let your fingers do all the world winding up the yarn while you wind down!
    Craft: Arm Knitting
    Difficulty: Basic

  3. Celebration Scarf And Canine Cowl Knit Kit

  4. Most pet owners claim that their animal buddies often help calm them down and much like crafting, pets have shown to have a positive effect on mental health (source)! Why not knit a matching scarf for you and your friend?
    Craft: Knit
    Difficulty: Beginner

    Disclaimer: Yes, cats can wear this scarf! Fish, snakes, birds, and hamsters seem to have some difficulty.
    A black pit pull dog is facing the camera, her eyes closed in happiness as she lounges on a pile of handmade and reclaimed sari silk yarn.
    Miss Pearl would love her own cowl!

  5. Yarn Painting

  6. Yarn painting is very easy and can be very calming. Originating from the Huichol people, one of the native tribes of Mexico, we have created a modern day tutorial that you can follow to create a stunning yarn painting!
    Craft: Yarn Painting
    Difficulty: Easy

  7. Woven Tassel Keychain Kit

  8. This woven tassel lanyard kit comes with the yarn you’ll need to make your very first woven project! All you’ll need is a piece of cardboard that you can cut up to create a makeshift loom!
    Craft: Weaving
    Difficulty: Beginner

  9. Punch Needle Kits

  10. Punch needle projects are interesting! The repetitive motion of poking the needle through the taunt canvas is very soothing. With these two kits, you’ll be able to create a gorgeous punch needle piece!
    Craft: Punch Needle
    Difficulty: Easy

    Click or Tap for Transcript

  11. Loom Knit Mesh Tote Kit

  12. Knitting looms are very easy to learn. It’s very easy to fix any dropped stitches and you can stop at any time without having to worry about losing your spot or your work unraveling! Our Mesh Tote kit comes with luxurious lace weight silk yarn that is handmade by our artisans in India.
    Craft: Loom Knitting
    Difficulty: Easy

  13. Rug Hooking Kits

  14. If you have been interested in weaving, you may be interested in rug hooking and these kits are perfect for you! This beginner kits come with everything you need and is totally risk free!
    Craft: Rug Hooking
    Difficulty: Beginner

  15. Market Tote Kit

  16. One of the more difficult projects on this list, the market tote kit is well worth the work! The yarn that comes with this kit is our reclaimed chiffon ribbon yarn. Each skein is one of a kind and has a super soft texture. The bag created is of a nice size and can hold a ton of snacks, crafts, or farmers market goodies.
    Craft: Knit or Crochet
    Difficulty: Intermediate

  17. Circle Banjo Bag Crochet Kit

  18. This bag reminds me of a mandala, which are often used in creative art therapy projects (source). This gorgeous kit comes with our herbal dyed recycled silk yarn and comes in a variety of fabulous herbally dyed colors!
    Craft: Crochet
    Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate

  19. Shells On The Shoreline Silk Scarf Crochet Kit

  20. What’s more relaxing than collecting seashells by the seashore? This crochet scarf kit is the perfect accessory for starter crocheters. Made with lace weight silk yarn, the scarf is lightweight and will look great on you for those chilly beach days!
    Craft: Crochet
    Difficulty: Beginner

    I hope one (or more) of these kits helps you relax and find some peace - because you deserve it! 

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