Woven Tassel Lanyard Kit

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Why we love it!

Say goodbye to boring keychains with this Woven Tassel Keychain pattern! Using a DIY cardboard loom, one skein of our Darn Good Twist, and simple weaving techniques, you can have a vibrant lanyard that will make it hard to misplace your keys.

New to weaving? View the step by step tutorial, and learn how to make your own cardboard loom, and basic weaving techniques! 

Product Specs:
Craft: Weaving
Category: Accessories 
Notions: Cardboard (not included)
              Scissors (not included)
              Tapestry Needle, Size 16 (not included)
              Keychain Hook with 1" Bar (not included)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Designed By: Stephanie Michelet | @thenourishbowl
Looking for just the pattern, click here!

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