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The Ultimate Guide to Vacation & Resort Wear for Women

Going on vacation is the fun part, but deciding what to pack can be a huge drag. Let Darn Good Yarn help you figure out that packing list so you can vacation in style and let your stress melt away!

1. Sari Wrap Skirts

First up on our list of women’s vacation clothing must haves is of course a sari wrap skirt.

Model wearing sari wrap skirt in pink and red while standing on the beach during a sunset, setting sun and ocean waves in the background.
A Free Spirit Sari Wrap Skirt Redefining Perfection

Packing a sari wrap skirt will ensure you always look effortlessly fabulous. Sari wrap skirts make great resort wear for women and are incredibly versatile; with so many different ways to wrap and style your sari wrap skirt, it’s like having a week’s worth of outfits in one!

Model wearing sari wrap skirt tied into a halter dress with greenery in the background.
SO MUCH MORE Than Just a Skirt

We know it can be really hard to find cute plus size resort wear, but at Darn Good Yarn, we prioritize making clothing for people of all body types. Feel confident and beautiful in our sari wrap skirts which come in a multitude of size variations - and they’re adjustable!

Model wearing sari wrap skirt while sitting on a fountain with stone steps in the background
Let Your Confidence & Beauty Shine
Model wearing mini sari wrap skirt while laughing with blue building and flowers in the background.
Who Says You Can't Look Good & Have Fun?!
2 models on the beach wearing sari wrap skirts, one (adult) model is holding the arms of the other (child) while she swings her feet toward the camera. blue sky and ocean waves in the background
Sari Skirts - Great For Kids on Vacay Too!

Darn Good Yarn’s Sari wrap skirts feature a lightweight reclaimed sari silk material that was literally made for the climate of your dream vacation spot.

2. The Everyday Leggings

A natural second recommendation is to pack a pair (or 2) of our Everyday Leggings for layering up on those cooler nights.

2 models wearing mini sari wrap skirts and leggings sitting on the edge of a fountain with greenery in the background.
The Everyday Leggings - Cooler Climates Demand Layers

3. The Zaria Wrap Dress

Is any trip complete without some stunning vacation dresses? You know the kind, that’s bright, bold, and fits just right? There are a few different options right here at Darn Good Yarn!

Founder Nicole twirling in purple sari wrap dress outside in the grass with a wood fence in the background.
The Zaria Wrap Dress - Stunning & Great for the People and Planet

If you’re looking for resort wear for women in the form of a vacation maxi dress, we’ve got you covered. The one of a kind Zaria Wrap Dress is a beautiful addition to any suitcase. Ruffle detailing around the hem flutters gracefully around your legs. 

Pamper yourself with the easy elegance of the Zaria wrap dress which is adjustable and comes in multiple sizes.

These dresses are handmade and one of a kind, so you’ll know nobody else will ever show up wearing the same dress as you!

Model dancing in tan and red zaria wrap dress with greenery and red gate in the background
You Can Dance Like Everyone is Looking

4. The Sedona Patchwork Skirt

For a more casual but just as versatile look, you can’t go wrong with the Sedona Patchwork Skirt. This ruffled dream does double duty as a skirt or a dress. It’s basically a two for one deal!

Be the talk of the hotel with a skirt like this one, and leave everyone guessing where you got such a beautiful piece.

A woman wearing a pink skirt and a pink dress on a white background
Sedona Patchwork Skirt - Get More Looks With TWO Looks!

5. The Reclaimed Sari Medley Scarf

Add some pizzazz to your existing wardrobe with a one of a kind Sari Medley Scarf. Made from the same reclaimed sari silk material Darn Good Yarn is famous for, our scarves add just the right amount of colorful flair to keep your outfits exciting. Tie them in unexpected ways to really jazz things up!

Model wearing sari medley scarf with large boulder in the background.
Sari Medley Scarves - One of a Kind: Just Like YOU

6. One Of A Kind Silk Neck Tie

For more formal events or a night out on the town, check out our selection of one of a kind Silk Neck Ties!

Model lounging on a patch of sunny grass by a blue river wearing red silk neck tie
One Of A Kind Silk Neck Tie - Way Sexier Than a Clip-On

Why Darn Good Yarn?

Whether you’re driving a few miles down the road or flying half way around the world, Darn Good Yarn has the best options for vacation and resort wear for women, men, trans folks, and children too! When it comes to unique clothes that will stun as well as being affordable, and light to carry, Darn Good Yarn is the absolute best. Don’t wait, find your one of a kind style today! Browse our Collection of Skirts and Dresses - Perfect for Vacation Wear and More! Shop Now!