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The Latest Trend: Yarn Bowls

yarn and yarn bowl over the beach

Loving this photo of our lace weight silk cloud yarn!

Bowled Over

Yarn bowls are trending today because fiber arts have come a long way over the last one hundred years. No they are not an essential to your crafting, but they do speak volumes about your passion. Whether beginner or expert, crafters have a deep interest in art and things of beauty. Here at Darn Good Yarn, we thrive on beauty whether it is our amazing workers in the co-ops, our amazing fibers, or the fact that we have amazing products like this yarn bowl.

Art is different for each of us and come in so many formats. We see a beautiful scene in nature, an amazing painting, or creative uses of fiber; art is everywhere for those who are inspired by it. I am someone who is inspired by natural beauty and have a passion for color, too. I don't hide my fibers, but put yarn baskets around my house because they make my heart skip a beat to see such beauty.

Cool Art

My 2nd grade granddaughter sent us a letter recently and the envelope is so beautiful that it is my kind of art. She wrote in pale blue "I love you guies" and decorated it with hand drawn hearts. Yes, to you it is just another envelope where to me this is amazing art. Art speaks to us, it makes us feel good, it fills us with joy. Art is sometimes on the refrigerator like this envelope or on the wall, in nature or in our yarn bowl.

sheesham wood and an artisan

How cool it is that our wooden yarn bowls are handmade out of Sheesham wood. We work with an amazing co-op in India providing fair trade, safe jobs for over 600 families. When we added these yarn bowls to the products that we offer we were able hire 10 more people!! It is great to know that with your purchase of this bowl you are touching lives in a really positive way!

Beauty Is In The Eye of....The Yarn Bowl

wooden yarn bowl with a skein of yarn inside

Wooden yarn bowls peak my interest because I love natural wood and am so into non-processed things whether it is food or my home decor. I can throw a bit of recycled fiber in the bowl and feel really good about the earth. Handcrafted, our carved wooden bowls tell the world that we are passionate about our fibers and our world.

Whether for yourself or gifted to the fiber enthusiast in your life, a yarn bowl keeps the fiber where you want it and truly is art. As I wrote, art is emotional and art is beauty. Yarn bowls are fashionable but what they really are is beautiful art. Wooden bowls that create work for others is a wonderful way to feel great about your home art. 

yarn skein with yarn bowl over it

Which Darn Good Yarn would you put in your wooden yarn bowl? Or what else would you put in your bowl? And doesn't this art feel great? Ah, the joy of creating art through art.