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The Best Gifts For Grandma

Written by Kate Curry

Everyone loves grandmas, it’s a fact of life. These lovely ladies who seem to know everything and are able to fix anything in a few minutes flat. I’ve been lucky enough to have two amazing biological grandmothers and a score of chosen grandmas that have loved me and influenced my life. All the grandmas out there deserve something special - so we put together this gift guide for you!

If You Have A Hippie Fashionista Grandma

One-of-a-Kind Sari Silk Purses

On the green grass, a multicolored granny square blanket is spread out. On the blanket is a one-of-a-kind patchwork sari purse that has flowers inside it and a bottle of wine wrapped in a lime green sari wrap cloth.

These one of a kind handmade silk purses are the bomb! I’ve used mine for everyday use and traveling and it has everything I need! Adjustable strap, zippers, and a ton of room to store all my stuff. Get your grandma a bag with a ton of color that your grandma will be sure to love!

Sustainable Sari Wrap Skirt

An older woman wearing a blue blouse, a straw hat, and a pink and purple sari wrap skirt is walking through a gorgeous green grassy meadow.

Our world-class sari wrap skirts are treasured by people of all ages. These unique and ageless skirts would be the perfect gift if your grandma loves fashion and a little bit of color in her closet! Or if your granny is really going wild for our skirts, you can sign up your grandma for our Skirt of the Month™ club! Every month, grandma will receive a gorgeous handmade skirt that our team hand selected based on our monthly theme.

Aanya Adjustable Short Tunic

A woman with long brown hair and wearing a pair of jeans and a colorful purple tunic is leaning on the bumper of an old mint green vintage car,

Is grandma not much of a skirt person? Not to worry! Made out of the same luxurious material as our sari wrap skirts, our adjustable tunics are all one of a kind and can be worn during all seasons!

If You Have A Craft-Loving Grandma

Yarn of the Month® Club Monthly Subscription

Three Indian women wearing brightly colored saris are standing outside their warehouse by a tall tree. They're smiling at the camera, and each woman is holding a basket with bright orange-red yarn.

Does your grandma have a yarn addiction? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Sign up your grandma for the yarn of the month club, where she can get into a community of like minded crafters. Send grandma a monthly package of handmade yarn that she’s bound to adore.

Luxury Yarn Bowls

An adorable black and orange splotched cat is lounging on a wooden table. In front of the cat is a wooden yarn bowl with a cake of multicolored yarn sitting inside the bowl and threaded through the yarn curl.

Help grandma not lose her yarn with our luxury ceramic yarn bowls! They come in cute colors and adorable shapes that will make your sweet little granny smile and think of you whenever she takes a peek at these yarn bowls.

Crafters Deluxe Storage Bag Bundle

A woman wearing dark glasses, a pink shirt, and jeans is sitting on a foldable chair out in the forest. She's working on a project and at her feet is a large purple darn good yarn storage bag

Does your grandma have no less than 10 WIP around her house? Yeah, we know what that feels like. Grab your granny a crafters deluxe storage bag bundle! This large tote comes with a ton of yarn and notions, and is large enough to hold the majority of grandma’s favorite WIPs!

Handmade Artisanal Yarn

On a white background, the sunny days tank top, made of bright yellow banana fiber is stretched out, a crochet hook still attached to the shirt.

Who doesn’t love rare and gorgeous handmade artisanal fiber? Our yarn is ethically-sourced that will bring your grandma’s fiber art dreams to life! We supply a wide range of fibers such as recycled silk, wool, cotton, banana fiber, hemp, nettle, & more!  We carry many of our own yarns sourced from our fair trade co-ops in India and Nepal. Check out our funky yarn - there's' bound to be something to catch your grandma’s eye.

Three different boxes, which have been wrapped in different colored (yellow, tan, orange/teal) furoshiki reusable gift wrapping.

Make your gift super eco friendly with -- don’t hurt the earth when you spread joy!

Meet the Author

Profile picture of the author, Kate Curry, wearing a dark red Nanda Poncho sitting on concrete stairs in front of brick wall.

Kate has been on the Darn Good Yarn team since 2018.

They have their degree in Creative Art Therapy & Psychology - and like crafting and animals a little too much.