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How to Make a Braided Wall Hanging

Beat the social distancing blues with this adorable DIY wall hanging! Macramé is such a beautiful accent to any room so we decided to put a little colorful DGY spin on it! This craft is the perfect afternoon activity for the whole family!


What you will need:

  • 2.5 inch Silk Sari Ribbon Roll
  • Wooden Dowel - 3¼ inch in diameter and 12 inches in length
  • Measuring Tape or Ruler
  • Fabric Marker
  • Scissors 



Step 1:  Cut and separate strips from the roll, trim the edges a little if needed


Step 2:  Select bright and contrasting colors!


Step 3: Creating the Knots

  • Get three fabric strips at a time, preferably colors that compliment each other

  • All three strips should go around the dowel together in order to make a knot

  • Leave about an inch from the edge of the dowel and make a double knot to secure. Keep all the knots to one side



Step 4: Making the Braids

  • Make a braid and tie a knot grabbing all 3 pieces together at the end, leaving 3 different lengths as the tassel. From 5 inches up to about 8 inches being the longest piece. Can keep a good enough length, depending on the fabric pieces you get. Trim the tassel at an angle

  • Make 7 braids repeating the same instructions in step 4. *All the knots should face back

  • Make the braids at slightly different lengths. Keep about the same length for the 2 end braids. Length of the first braid from left is 12 inches. You can add or reduce 1 or 2 inches in length, keeping the 12 inches as your guide


Step 5: Trim excess fabric popping out of the knots



Step 6: Creating the 2 hanging braids 

  • Get a strip of fabric and mark a line across the center and cut to separate. Save the other piece of the strip to make the second braid
  • Prepare 3 strips with any contrasting color combination
  • Make a knot at the top and make a braid and tie a knot at the end as shown on the right side of the image. Make another braid repeating step 6, with the rest of the 3 fabric pieces left from cutting the strips into halves.These 2 braids are thinner than the other 7 braids. *leave about 2-3 inch pieces in different lengths as tassels on both ends and trim in an angel
  • Tie these 2 braids around at the ends of the dowel, leaving about 3 to 4 inches of braided section along with tassels on both ends. Secure with 2 knots on the top of the dowel. These are the 2 shortest braids at the ends
  • Grab the 2 long pieces of the braid together and tie one knot at the top of the dowel, leaving extra as the top tassel. Trim fraying threads and neaten


Hang it on a door, entryway, on a wall to brighten up and enjoy the colorful handcraft you just made!


Designed and crafted by - Harshini Fernando