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How To Download Free Patterns from Darn Good Yarn

We don't want to let pricey patterns hinder anyone's ability to create awesome projects, so we love to offer free patterns to our customers.

We frequently change up which ones on the website are offered for free, and we also release a free pattern every single Friday (Yup, that's right. EVERY single Friday). 

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We know that it can get confusing downloading free patterns, especially when you have to add them to your Shopping Cart. So, Mike (Husband of Founder and CEO Nicole) made up this helpful tutorial that will let you download all the free patterns you wish!  

Looking to for more free patterns ASAP? 

Check out this cute Start At Love Pouch (created by our very own Leanne Thompson), and the 25 Days of Free Patterns we released over the holidays. 

Have more questions?

Check out our YouTube channel with all of our How-To's. Leave us a comment with what you'd like to see the next video on!