25 Days of Free Patterns from Darn Good Yarn

November 29, 2018 2 min read

25 Days of Free Patterns from Darn Good Yarn

Happy Holidays

The Holidays are here! Have you set up and decorated your tree yet?

To celebrate the season, we're giving away one free pattern daily from today through Christmas Day! So don't forget to bookmark this page!

We've got knitting patterns, crochet patterns, and even weaving patterns lined up for this big December giveaway! Come back here to our blog every day during the coming month to view and download these free holiday gifts to you! 

Day 1: The Bjerge Pillow Pattern (Knit)

Day 2: Bobbin Flower Pattern (Crochet)

Day 3: Shoreline Purse Pattern (Knit & Crochet)

Day 4: Braided Cable Mug Coozie Pattern (Knit)

Day 5: Granny Square Cardie Pattern (Crochet)

Day 6: Autumn Arrow Winter Hat Pattern (Knit)

Day 7: O'Whimsical Christmas Tree Pattern (Crochet)

Day 8: Classic Fiber Bowl Pattern (Knit & Crochet)

Day 9: Mermaid Party Wine Sleeve Pattern (Knit & Crochet)

Day 10: Punky Chunky Holiday Stocking Pattern (Crochet)

Day 11: Coastal Winds Shawl Pattern (Knit)

Day 12: Floral Garden Place Mat Pattern (Knit/Crochet)

Day 13: Elderidge Ribbed Banana Cowl Pattern (Crochet)

Day 14: UV Stripes T-Shirt Scarf Pattern  (Weaving)

Day 15: Hibiscus Shawl Pattern (Knitting)

Day 16: Summer Breeze Shawlette Pattern (Knit/Crochet)

Day 17: Better Hair Beanie Pattern (Knit)

Day 18: Hayden Hanging Basket Pattern (Crochet) 

Day 19: Plume Headband (Knit/Crochet)

Day 20: Sari Silk Ribbon Beanie Pattern (Crochet) 

Day 21: Capowl Cowl Pattern(Knit)

Day 22: Violet Summer Tote Pattern (Crochet)

Day 23: Darn Good & Pretty Fingerless Mittens Pattern (Knit)

Day 24: Rainy Day Infinity Scarf Pattern (Crochet)

Day 25: The Magnolia Beanie Pattern (Knit)

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Looking for more? Check out the patterns of December 2017!
Day 1: Fingerless Mittens Pattern (Knit)
Day 2: Fan Shell Shawlette Pattern (Knit & Crochet)
Day 3: Hemp ScrubbyPattern (Crochet)
Day 4: Washi Ribbon Cowl Pattern (Crochet)
Day 5: Romy Beanie Pattern (Knit)
Day 6: Cabito Wool Color Pool Woven Scarf Pattern (Weaving)
Day 7: Friendship Bracelet Pattern (Knit)
Day 8: Beginners Weaving Pattern (Weaving)
Day 9: Low Tide ShawlPattern (Crochet) 
Day 10: Lace Weight Silk Shawl Pattern (Knit) - BEST SELLER
Day 11: Fun and Games Scarf Pattern (Knit & Crochet)
Day 12: 30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf Pattern (Arm Knit)
Day 13: Marruecos Infinity Cowl Pattern ( Crochet)
Day 14: Little Girls Dress Pattern (Knit)
Day 15: Arctic Snowball Hat Pattern (Knit)
Day 16: Woven Table Runner Pattern (Weaving)
Day 17: Miracle Twisted Sweater Pattern (Knit)
Day 18: Jasmine Scarf Pattern (Knit)
Day 19: Flower HeadbandPattern (Knit)
Day 20: Open Poncho Cover Up Pattern (Crochet)
Day 21: Tibetan Jewels Bucket Bag Pattern (Crochet)
Day 22: Easy Banana Fiber Cowl Pattern (Knit & Crochet)
Day 23: Market Tote Pattern (Knit & Crochet)
Day 24: Herbal Sunrise Shawl Pattern (Crochet)
Day 25: Herbal Sunrise Shawl Pattern (Knit)

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