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Great Crafts You Can Do While On A Road Trip

Written by Kate Curry

Who doesn’t love a good road trip? Piling in the car with your besties, a ton of good road trip snacks, good music and podcasts, and seeing nature’s beauty- I love road trips. I love to work on crafts while I’m not driving, so that by the end of the road trip I have something to remember it by! 

I’ve come up with a list of crafts that you can do on your next road trip that won’t make you swerve into a ditch! 

30 Minute Arm Knit Scarf Kit

A white mannequin with no head is out in a garden, surrounded by trees and bushes. Around the neck is a large poofy, rainbow colored arm knit scarf.

Just like the name says, you can bang out a gorgeous arm knit scarf made out of our reclaimed chiffon ribbon or  our recycled sari ribbon yarn in only 30 minutes! If you get stuck on anything, you can follow along with Nicole’s video on the product page! 

Woven Tassel Lanyard Kit

An up close image of a handmade cardboard loom. On the loom is green, yellow, and orange-pink twisted yarn that is being woven into a thick strip.

All you’ll need is the yarn,  a piece of cardboard, a tapestry needle, and a pair of scissors and you’re all set to go! You can also follow along with the video tutorial that matches the pattern! 

Party Animal Bow Tie Crochet Kit

A plus sized woman is smiling at the camera as she stands in a green house, surrounded by plants. Her dark hair is tucked up into a bun, with the bun being held together by a bright pink, blue, and white yarn bow.

This super cute accessory only needs basic crochet skills, but creates an awesome finished piece! After all, if your road trip is a multi-day trip, you might be in need of a cute hair tie! 

Easy Fingerless Mitts Knitting and Crochet Kit

A pair of hands, wearing fingerless mitts made out of multicolored rainbow silk yarn.

With just one skein of yarn, you can create a beautiful pair of fingerless mitts that will keep your wrists warm all winter long if you’re driving through the snow! This kit comes in both knit and crochet options and the final results will be worth it! 

Spring Infinity Scarf Knit Kit

A curled up completed light blush pink infinity scarf is sitting on a craft table. Underneath the scarf is a DGY insert with the story of our artisans.

This kit might be one of my favorites, it works up so quickly! Make yourself your very own infinity scarf out of buttery and colorful banana fiber yarn, perfect for all types of weather! 

Mesh Tote Kit

A person with light pink hair and wearing a gray short sleeved hoodie is facing sideways. Across their shoulder is a rainbow mesh tote bag.

All you need is one skein of yarn, a circular knitting loom, and a loom needle. Talk about easy! If you have to put your work down to reach for a snack or to take over driving, you won’t have any issues picking up where you left off!

DIY Macrame Wall Hanging Kit

An unfinished DGY macrame kit is laying on a light gray wooden table. To the right of the unfinished macrame rod are two skeins of macrame cord, a direction booklet, and a few wooden beads.

This Macrame Wall Hanging DIY Kit includes instructions and all materials for making your own bohemian wall art with cotton macrame cord and wooden beads. This project is great for beginners or more advanced macrame artists - all you need to do is stick the kit in your car before you head out! 

I hope one of these kits caught your eye! Happy road tripping this summer and stay safe! 

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