Kits - Woven Tassel Keychain with Key set, scissors, a plant, and yarn skein on a white background
Woven tassel keychain kit plus nickel keychain in front of a white background
Woven tassel lanyard in progress on cardboard loom in front of a white background
lanyard keychain weaving kit in bright rainbow colors
Woven Tassel Lanyard - Skein of darn good twist sport weight silk in the colorway black rainbow in front of a white background. 2 ply recycled silk marled black and variegated rainbow.
neon bright recycled silk lanyard weaving kit
cake of crocodile snap dyelot 3 in front of a white background.
fancy flamingo sport weight silk plied marled yarn kit.
blue and rainbow marled yarn sport weight silk weaving kit
blue, pink, white marled variegated silk woven lanyard kit
white with rainbow spots silk yarn lanyard weaving kit.
blue, purple, grey, and green variegated marled sport weight reclaimed silk yarn.
Woven Tassel Lanyard Kit
Woven Tassel Lanyard Kit

Woven Tassel Lanyard Kit

Sale price$20.00


Why we love it!

Say goodbye to boring keychains with this Woven Tassel Keychain pattern! Using a DIY cardboard loom, one skein of our Darn Good Twist, and simple weaving techniques, you can have a vibrant lanyard that will make it hard to misplace your keys.

New to weaving? View the step by step tutorial, and learn how to make your own cardboard loom, and basic weaving techniques! 

Product Specs:
Craft: Weaving
Category: Accessories 
Notions: Cardboard (not included)
              Scissors (not included)
              Tapestry Needle, Size 16 (not included)
              Keychain Hook with 1" Bar (not included)
Difficulty Level: Beginner
Designed By: Stephanie Michelet | @thenourishbowl
Looking for just the pattern, click here!

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