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Everything You Need To Know: Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn

Written by Kate Curry

What is Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn Yarn

Darn Good Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn is our swirly twirly yarn that has a thickness that will create an inch with 5 to 6 stitches. Just a little thicker than lace weight yarn, sport weight yarn is a popular choice to create socks, shawls, amigurumis, and baby accessories. 

Two skeins of black and rainbow twist sport weight yarn are balanced on top of each other.

How Is It Made?

Handmade by our artisans, our unique twist sport weight yarn is made from 100% reclaimed silk and handspun by our artisans. Each color is separately spun, before the individual plys are twisted together to create the swirling colors. 

Two Indian woman are sitting on the floor of the co-op, spinning some purple and lilac sport weight yarn before it is twisted.

Our artisans create this popular yarn using reclaimed and recycled sari silk fabrics. These fabrics are made using silk from silkworms, which are harvested. In India, the majority of silk making is done using the ahimsa method. This is also known as peace silk, since this cruelty-free method is done without harming the silk worms. With these silk fibers, sometimes combined with other textiles like chiffon or cotton, saris are woven using looms.

When silk clothing items are donated, reclaimed, or recycled, our artisans tear, spin, dye, and skein up all of our animal-inspired named twist sport weight yarn.. If you’re a member of our Yarn of the Month Club, you have for sure seen a lovely skein or two of swirly twirly softness!

An Indian woman smiles shyly at the camera as she takes freshly spun cakes of white, blue, and pink twisted sport weight yarn off the machine.

Tips & Tricks

Length: 150 Yards
Weight: 50 grams, 2 - Sport
Material: 100% Recycled Silk
Needle Size: US 3-5 (3.25 - 3.75mm)
Hook Size: US E/4-7 (3.5 - 4.5mm)
Gauge: K- 23-26 /4", C- 16-20 /4"
Physical Quality: Marled, Soft and Silky!
How to Clean: Dry Clean
Best for: Knitting, Crocheting, Needlepoint, Embroidery, Tatting, Weaving.

This yarn is perfect for adding a pop of color to a neutral piece! 


  • Soft 
  • Tons of yardage 
  • Gorgeous colors 
  • Multi-ply 
  • Light and airy  


  • Twisting colors can make some stitches confusing for new crafters 
  • Larger projects take a long time to work up
  • If worked too harshly, the plys can become unwound 

What Can I Make With Twist Sport Weight Silk Yarn Yarn?


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