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6 Inspirational Yarn Projects from Darn Good Yarn People

We love our blog as it gives us an opportunity to share what we know and learn in this great fiber adventure called Darn Good Yarn! We also want to give a shout out to some of our amazing Darn Good Yarn crafters. Inspiring our crafters is what we love to do but you know what? Our crafters inspire us in so many ways and we are giving a shout out to some of them each month in our blog, Check it out!

Wooden shelves full of yarn with a white paper sign that reads 'Recycled Silk' and a black chalkboard bunting banner with sections that read 'Make Your own, with knitting kits, darn good yarn, for veteran knitters or beginners'

1. Our friends at Fabric of Life sent us this great display of their Darn Good Yarns and arm knitting, too. We love their promotion of "make your own" and knew that it was best way to start our blog showcasing some of our amazing artisans! How cool is it that they feature many of our recycled fibers?!!!!

Oh, and yes! We do sell wholesale and here is the link to account information!  Shops like the Fabric of Life are able to offer our products up close and personal because of wholesale options!

2. Weaving is an optimum way to experiment with crazy and unique fibers. Our fellow crafter @greenroomweavings shared the start of something great here. The cream colored sari silk gives the other colors a nice opportunity to stand out and note the textural change as well!

Brown and white knitted scarf laid out on top of brown carpet next to a brown cardboard box

3. Amazing story alert! This is one of those incredible stories that I am so very proud to share with you all. I recently wrote a blog post about plarn and heard back from Janet McGaw-Monroe. The above example is one of the plarn sleeping mats that Janet makes for homeless, disabled veterans. Janet is known as the "Bag Lady" in her community in Arizona. Thanks, Janet, for your inspiration and for allowing me to share it with others!

Yellow and multicolored scarves hanging from a black metal mannequin in front of a wooden wall background

4. Our Darn Good Yarn friend, Patti Best, has been creating the #ScarfOfHappiness. Patti shared this with us on facebook and we are loving her amazing work with Darn Good Yarn. I asked her about her fiber choices and she says "the banana is the multi color. The yellow is cotton held together with a strand of white fine silk".

Patti loves to create works of art for her customers looking for handmade items. What intrigued me with her post and work, is her willingness to mix fiber options, for color, texture, and yes, to add some happiness, too! Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Patti!

Purple and orange basket knitted with silk ribbon holding wooden knitting needles and sitting on a pink and gray patterned table cloth

5. New to crochet, we are very impressed with Laura H.'s first crochet project. Rather amazing, don't 'cha think? Here are her thoughts on this first crochet basket- "The pattern was easy to follow. I did make the base a bit wider and the sides a bit taller. I used the Bahamas skein first and finished the top few rows with the purple I ordered at the same time. Tip for beginners like me: be patient with yourself and take breaks when your hands get tired. Stop and admire your progress!!!"

We love her beginner thoughts and really great attitude. Laura also confided in us that she sees more silk ribbon in her future!  Sounds like she is hooked, for sure!

Darn good Yarn CEO Nicole Snow sitting with 4 other women wearing saris and spinning silk, sitting in front of a wooden wall background

6. And I couldn't finish this post without a thought about the workers in our co-ops in India. Amazing women create the handspun fibers that we carry. When you work with our handspun yarns, you not only make something beautiful but you help to provide sustainable year round employment! From their hand to yours.....wow!

Thanks to everyone who makes up the Darn Good Yarn family. If you haven't sent us a photo of your amazing creation, now is the time. Reach out to us on twitter, instagram, or facebook as we love your inspiration. Contact us via email as well! We love what you are doing!