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Discover the NEW Zodiac Yarn Packs

Created sometime around the late 2nd or early 1st century BCE, Horoscopic astrology first appeared in the ancient societies of Babylon, Egypt, and Rome. Using art therapy and color psychology techniques, our new Zodiac packs have been designed to reflect the unique personalities of each sign. Do celestial bodies really determine our personality, traits, and energy? Who knows, but it’s fun! 

Each symbol is connected to an earthly element, that reflects their energy. When I started designing the packs, I separated the signs into their elemental houses, and then focused on colors that matched their positive personality traits. 

Each of these 12 packs are designed to reflect the special divine traits and energies of each zodiac house. 

A starry background with Aries at the top and our yarn at the base! Some multicolored twist, burgundy, and golden yarn

The Aries pack includes warm tones of reds, oranges, browns, and yellows to match their passionate energy. Aries are usually the first person to initiate a conversation and dazzle people with their energy. With an enthusiastic imagination, I can't wait to see what the Aries house will make with their bundles! 

Aries: Passionate, Energetic, Initiative, & Imaginative. 

Red for passion and energy, orange for enthusiasm, and a little bit of  purple to foster imagination. 

A starry background with Gemini at the top. Pink, ivory, and gold yarn lines the base.

The Gemini pack includes bright yellows, whites, greens, and pinks that would inspire any curious crafter. Gemini's, known for their curiosity and brilliance usually have no shortage of inspiration and are always enthusiastic for a crafting challenge! 

Gemini: Positive, Curious, Brilliant, & Inspirational.  

Yellow for enthusiasm and positivity, white for brilliance, and pink for inspiration and curiosity.

A starry background with Taurus at the top and our yarn at the base! Some pink, green, purple and blue yarn

Shout out to my fellow Tauruses! For this bundle, the growth of the Taurus' compassion and balance will be nurtured by the comforting blues, greens, and pinks of this pack. Headstrong and loyal- us Tauruses will not stop until we make something awesome!! 

Taurus: Loyal, Compassionate, Balanced, Trusting.

Pink for compassion, blue for loyalty and trust, and green for balance and nature.

A starry background with Cancer at the top and our yarn at the base! Some white, green, and gray yarn

To have a Cancer as a friend is a true blessing- so they deserve some awesome yarn! The Cancer pack includes deep blues, silvers, creams, and greens to focus on the Cancer’s sensitive, intuitive, and understanding nature. A beautiful bundle for an empathic crafter! 

Cancer: Intuitive, Sensitive, Understanding, & Wise. 

Blue for calm and understanding, green for intuition, white & gray for sensitivity. 

A starry background with Leo at the top and our yarn at the base! Some orange, purple and yellow yarn

The most generous tribe deserves a darn good bundle! The Leo bundle contains deep, regal purples, along with warm oranges and yellows that will match the positive and prestigious vibes of the Leo. 

Leo: Positive, Prestigious, Optimistic, & Generous 

Orange for optimism, yellow for positivity and opportunity, & purple for prestige and royalty.

A starry background with Virgo at the top and our yarn at the base! Some green, blue, and pink yarn

I have never been disappointed by a Virgo in my life! Matching the grounded and methodical energy of the Virgo, this pack includes deep greens, soft pastel pinks and whites. The rest of us wish we could be as stable as you Virgos!  

Virgo: Grounded, Growth, Methodical, & Stable. 

Green for growth, pink for stability, & white for neutrality and grounded-ness. 

A starry background with Libra at the top and our yarn at the base! Some burgundy, pink, and black yarn

Everyone loves a good Libra- and they have every reason to! The Libra pack includes black, pinks, and purples that are bound to match the calming serenity of the Libra. 

Libra: Calm, Loving, Elegance, & Comforting. 

Pink for love, purples for comfort, and black for elegance and calm. 

A starry background with Scorpio at the top and our yarn at the base! Some black, purple, and orange  yarn

The Scorpio pack focuses on deep oranges, purples, and blacks, honing in on your inquisitive nature! Focused, curious, spiritual, and creative- a Scorpio's WIP list is probably longer than anyone's! 

Scorpio: Inquisitive, Curious, Focused, & Spiritual.  

Orange for creativity, purple for curiosity, and black for mystery & spirituality.

A starry background with Sagittarius at the top and our yarn at the base! Some blue, orange, yellow, and red yarn

The Sagittarius pack includes oranges, reds, and a little bit of blues to copy the aware and open nature of the Sagittarius. With the awareness and courage of their spirit, any Sagittarius will be prepared and ready to face any difficult project! 

Sagittarius: Aware, Enlightened, Open, & Courageous. 

Red for courage, blue for awareness, orange for openness, and yellow for awareness. 

A starry background with Capricorn at the top and our yarn at the base! Some gray, blue, and green yarn

The Capricorn pack includes what every Capricorn desires most: calm and balance! Greens, grays, and blues bring the the reliability, practicality, and solidity of your favorite Capricorn to life within the yarn! . 

Capricorn: Practical, Solid, Reliable, & Balanced 

Gray for responsibility and reliability, green for harmony and balance, blue for practicality. 

A starry background with Aquarius at the top and our yarn at the base! Some gray, blue, and bright yellow yarn

This pack will not disrupt your creative flow! Balancing the restless energy of the Aquarius, this pack does just that with deep grays, light blues, and bright golds. Hopefully this pack will settle some of that restlessness and give you some time for crafting!  

Aquarius: Restless, Energetic, Balanced, & Enthusiastic. 

Yellow for enthusiasm and energetic, blue for balance, &, gray for practicality. 

A starry background with Pisces at the top and our yarn at the base! Some pink, lavender, and green yarn

Last, but certaintly not least is my buddy Pisces! Inspired by the ‘go with the flow’ style of the Pisces, this pack will include greens, lavenders, and pinks that match the Pisces’ healing and peaceful personality. 

Pisces: Healing, Inspirational, Peaceful, & Compassionate. 

Lavender for sensitivity, green for peace, pink for healing and compassion. 

Thank you for coming on this cosmic journey with us!! Please join our Facebook crafting group and share your divine creations! 


Happy Crafting