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Darn Good Yarn Press Kits for Expansion!

Hey all! Let's talk a little business today. One of the daunting tasks about expanding a business is figuring out great ways to reach out to a bigger audience. With an online store, in some ways that's easier and in other ways it's harder.

It's easier to expand because there is a smaller overhead because you don't have to pay for the expenses associated with a physical location. However, it can be restrictive since not everyone wants to (or likes to!) shop online.

Nonetheless, it's worth a little expense to get your shop seen by more people when your business is headin' on up. These last 6 months have felt very momentous for me and for Darn Good Yarn. I spent one, very long evening making up these wonderfully stuffed press boxes.

You could do something like this at nearly any level of expansion, whether it's sending out boxes to be reviewed by respected people in your niche, sending them to shops for wholesale accounts, or even sending them to your local tv station.

This is a broad-spectrum approach to getting your brand known in bigger circles, but if you can get just a few nibbles, it will be entirely worth the trouble! Let's hope I get a few nibbles too! If not, I did enjoy that bottle of wine. :)


Nicole Snow, President of Darn Good Yarn

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