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Darn Good Yarn Customer Reviews and Pictures

We LOVE when our customers are thrilled with their purchase. Seriously. We all work so hard to make a great experience for each of you and we so believe in our mission. If you don't know about our mission click here and i'll fill you in. Back to the point... we love hearing from you and wanted to take a few minutes and highlight some of our customer reviews and pictures. Did I mention that we LOVE to see your pictures?! Because we totally do. 

Darn Good Yarn Reviews

These are really beautiful, and very well made. The straps are plenty long enough to easily tie. The colors and designs are fantastic. I am 5'9", so they fall above my ankles a couple inches, but still look really great!! Thank you so much !! - Celinda T. on Cotton Skirts

I simply love the Lace Weight Silk Cloud Sparkle Collection Yarn I received! The colors are vibrant and eye catching. The blending of the colors is awesome and will complement so many things in my wardrobe. I love to knit with this yarn and the results are so satisfying. I always get a lot of notice and admiration when I wear my scarves. - Patricia M. on the Lace Weight Silk Cloud Sparkle Collection

Recently I purchased a necklace. Yesterday I bought 3 more and beads to make earrings. The jewelry looks amazing with my cotton wraps and saris. - Vicki R. on Handcrafted Himalayan Necklaces

Love your website—I could look at all of your items for hours on end. (And I do!) Ah, all the colors and textures... I made a poncho from my recycled sari silk ribbon, and it’s wild and wonderful! So glad I joined the yarn of the month club, too—not going to make a cowl with my Lux Adventure brilliant blue mulberry silk yarn… am going to add it to the other handspun sari silk I purchased, and make a “sweater coat of many colors”! :) And while I’m writing this, can I ask a favor? Can you PLEASE find mulberry silk pillow cases for us? If anyone can, it’s you!!! Thank you for such cool stuff—and it’s not an addiction, it’s therapy! - Lisa M. 

I love the different items we get each month! I especially love the quality of the yarn and the thoughtfulness that goes into each box! - Jean T. on the Darn Good Yarn of the Month

"Buying the sari silk wraps has really expanded my closet. I have so many choices on what to wear to work now. I can be dressed up or casual. It is really cold wear I live i wear my wrap over pants, leggings and tights depending on my outfit." -Kristy D. on Sari Wrap Skirts 
Woman wearing a pink cardigan and skirt, standing in the middle of an office space knitting a large white knitting project
Again and again I use this yarn to make my work sing. The feel is rich, too. I love it all. - Donna B. on our Premium Sari Silk Handspun Yarn
Close up of a multicolored striped and fringed woven yarn project Close up of a multicolored striped and fringed woven yarn project
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