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Best Sustainable Gift Guide

Finding a meaningful gift can be difficult. Finding a meaningful sustainable gift can be impossible! But don’t worry, the crew here at DGY is here to help you! 

If you’re shopping for an eco-hippie like us, we have a few different options for you! 

Sustainable Clothing

Darn Good™ Sari Wrap Skirts - Discovery 3-Pack

A gorgeous black woman with is standing underneath a flowering pink bush. She's wearing an orange sari wrap skirt and an orange and pink medley scarf wrapped around her torso as a top.

Our sustainable pride and joy are our sari wrap skirts for sure! These skirts are handmade by our talented artisans in India out of recycled and reclaimed sari silk fabric. The discovery packs come with one of each length, which makes it the perfect gift for your sustainable fashionista. 

Skirt of the Month™

A large plus sized woman with glasses and long dark hair is standing in the shadow of some trees. She's wearing a pink mini skirt and a black v-neck tank top.

If you know your person is in love with our sari wrap skirts, why not get them a Skirt of the Month subscription? Each month we will send a brand spankin' new skirt their way that fits the monthly theme! Soon they will be rolling in reclaimed and sustainable skirts. 

Sustainable Style Club Box

A granny square blanket is spread across the grass. On top of the blanket is a reclaimed sari tote bag, that has flowers coming out of the bag. There is also a bottle of wine, wrapped in a lime green furoshiki wrap.

Every month we release a hand-curated style bundle. Each new monthly bundle will have a theme, like farmers market, beach day, hippie chic, or bright and bubbly! These boxes come with multiple sustainable clothing items and accessories. So if you’re not totally sure what your sustainable friend would like, this will cover all your bases! 

Reclaimed Sari Medley Scarf

Multiple different sari medley scarves are spread out or balled up on a white background.

These scarves are the BOMB! These sari silk medley scarves are made with 7 different strips of brightly colored sari material and each one is a mystery waiting to be unraveled. Each scarf is one of a kind and can be worn in a ton of different ways. 

One-of-a-Kind Sari Silk Purses

A multicolored patchwork sari wrap skirts is resting on an old picnic table outdoors.

Who doesn’t need a sturdy purse? These bags have an adjustable strap and a zipper close, which makes it perfect for travel or simple trips down to the market or school. Each one of these Sari Silk Purses is a little different and handcrafted with love by the women in our co-ops in Nepal.

Sustainable Crafts 

Yarn of the Month® Club Monthly Subscription

Three of DGY artisans in India are standing outside one of our co-ops. The woman in the middle is holding a large bowl of wound purple-blue handmade yarn. The woman on either side of her have skeins of un-wound green and purple yarn hanging off their arms.

Our eco friendly Yarn of the Month® subscription service is perfect for you (or a friend!). Enjoy eco friendly premium recycled yarn and creative inspiration delivered right to your door! Every subscription helps secure safe and ethical employment of artisans we work directly with in India. Being a subscriber also gains you (or your giftee!) access to a ton of members only benefits. 

Banana Fiber Yarn

A large group of Indian woman, all wearing colorful saris, are posing for the camera. They're holding spindles, which they're using to spin pink banana fiber yarn. In the middle of the room is a pile of bright pink banana fiber that needs to be spun into yarn!

Are you shopping for someone who is an adventurous crafter? I bet they’ve never heard of banana fiber yarn before! Made from the sustainable fibers that are scraped from the bark of a banana tree and handspun by women’s co-ops in India, our vibrant Banana Fiber Yarn is a soft, plant based alternative.

DGY Yarn Tasting Mega Box

A gif of the DGY yarn tasting mega box - a large white pizza box on a bright pink background that opens up. Once it opens up a few skeins, cakes of yarn, and some notions crawl out of the box. The box is stuffed with multiple types of yarn and notions.

Who doesn’t want a little bit of everything? Enough said! 

Easy Crafting Kits 

A closeup picture of our Darn Good Twist Sport Weight Silk yarn in Fireworks. This yarn is a shiny white that is speckled with sprinkles of rainbows.

Are you shopping for a brand new crafters? You can pick them up one (or a few!) of some easy crafting kits. We have kits for knitters, weavers, loomers, crocheters, and more! 

Yarn Bowls 

An adorable black and orange splotched cat is lounging on a wooden table. In front of the cat is a wooden yarn bowl with a cake of multicolored yarn sitting inside the bowl and threaded through the yarn curl.

If your giftee loves yarn, they need a yarn bowl. These bowls help keep yarn organized and tidy! No one likes twisted, knotty yarn. We have yarn bowls that are hand carved out of sustainable wood, as well as handmade ceramic yarn bowls. 

Don't Forget The Gift Wrapping!

Before you go, you’re going to need gift wrap! Why not get yourself some reusable gift wrap!

Three different boxes, which have been wrapped in different colored (yellow, tan, orange/teal) furoshiki reusable gift wrapping.

Meet the Author

Profile picture of the author, Kate Curry, wearing a dark red Nanda Poncho sitting on concrete stairs in front of brick wall.

Kate has been on the Darn Good Yarn team since 2018.

They have their degree in Creative Art Therapy & Psychology - and like crafting and animals a little too much.