5 Easy Recycled Yarn Projects

July 27, 2016 3 min read

5 Easy Recycled Yarn Projects

Recycling is just what we do and here at Darn Good Yarn we support your efforts to do so. Many years ago, people used every thing they had available to them.  It was just what people did. In New England, that would call it "yankee ingenuity". We hear that history repeats itself and surely the phrase "waste not, want not" has come full circle.  Dictionary.com states  this "for example, I just hate to throw out good food—waste not, want not. This proverbial saying was first recorded in 1772 but had an earlier, even more alliterative version,willful waste makes woeful want (1576)".

Keeping waste from landfills is how our sari silk yarn line got started in 2008. Darn Good Yarn has kept thousands of pounds of sari silk from being thrown away! As we grow, we still look for recycled materials that can be made into another useful something! Kinda like reincarnation but we just get the fiber to you and you create that magic! Today, I want to share with you a few ideas for using our fibers.

1.Wrapping packages can be incredible unique and creative. Think about what you have for fiber and what a great way to use up a hunk of sari ribbon for a bow or pick up a sari ribbon sampler for some serious options for bow tying! After the gift is unwrapped, the ribbon can be used for a curtain tie, a hair tie, or to stake up those tomatoes!

2.I love when I can reuse or re-purpose anything. This purse is one of my favorite ideas because the purse is made of recycled sari silk with a strap from another old purse. Talk about ingenuity! Again, just planting the seed for what you could use for a purse strap when you make this Around the World purse.

3.Hemp! Natural fibers are ones that we can feel good about and hemp is a plant based fiber. What a beautiful thing that we have patterns for using hemp for scarves, belts or scrubbies. With many options for hemp whether it be ply or color, hemp provides a sturdy fiber for many recycling uses and is great for all the vegans in our lives. 

4.Cell phones are a reality of the 21st century. Some people work and communicate with them all the time. For others, like my 94 year old mother, they are a great tool for when out and about...if she could only remember where she put it! I am the same way and love this phone pouch pattern because sometimes I need my phone but not the kitchen sink. The beauty of this is it is made with recycled chiffon from saris! I so want to make this....maybe then I will find my phone more often!

5.Newspapers are still abundant around the world and think about the waste they create! Darn Good Yarn has a corded newspaper yarn that is made of reclaimed newspaper. There are so many ways to use newspapers and this downloadable spiral pattern is yet another way to keep paper out of the landfills.

Still looking for more ideas for recycling some things around your home? Plastic bags and other products can be woven to make great bags and rugs such as are shown at weavingtoday.com. I'm just a beginner weaver but this just reminds me to keep it easy and to try to use recycled materials in my crafting of any type! What neat idea do you have for recycling with your projects?