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How To Make a Wrapped Sari Ribbon Necklace

Before You Start

Add a new statement piece of handmade jewelry to your collection! This quick & fun craft will make a unique, vibrant “infinity” style necklace that can be worn in a variety of ways. Go for a completely customized look by adding different lengths of DGY’s Sari Ribbon for your own funky, personalized piece!

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Video Overview

Step-by-Step Procedure


Gather materials

  • Darn Good Yarn Ribbon 5 Color Sample Card (any color pack)
  • 74” of 4mm macrame cord
  • Measuring tape
  • Scissors


Start the necklace

  • Wind each of the (5) ribbon yarns from the DGY Yarn Ribbon 5 Color Sample Card into their own ball
  • Choose your starting ribbon color, and tie the ribbon to one end of the macrame cord, about 2” from the tail of the cord, leaving a 1” tail of the ribbon after knotting
  • Holding the macrame cord in one hand and the ribbon tied to the macrame cord between the thumb and pointer finger of the opposite hand, twist the macrame cord away from you while holding tension on the ribbon in your opposite hand to form ribbon wraps around the cord*
  • Pause wrapping to bunch the wrapped ribbon towards the starting, tied end of the ribbon every few inches to prevent gaps between the wraps
  • Continue wrapping and bunching the cord for your desired length, cutting the ribbon with a 1” tail when you are ready to add another color


Wrap a new color

  • Just above the final wrap and 1” tail of the previous color, tie the new color ribbon onto the macrame cord
  • Follow the same wrapping technique from Step 2, making sure to wrap both the tail from tying the new ribbon and the 1”  tail from the previous ribbon into the first few wraps
  • Continue wrapping and bunch the ribbon for the desired length**
  • Repeat Step 3 to add multiple lengths and colors of ribbon until about 2” from the end of the macrame cord, cutting the end of the final ribbon into a 12” tail


Join the necklace ends

  • Knot the 2” tail of the macrame cord left in the beginning and end together
  • Use final ribbon tail from Step 3 to wrap around the knotted macrame cord to cover the knot with ribbon
  • Continue to wrap over the knotted macrame cord until 2” remains of the tail
  • Knot the end of the final ribbon with the tail from the knot of the first ribbon together, then trim the excess ends
  • Enjoy your new Wrapped Ribbon Necklace!
Multicolored darn good yarn ribbon on white surface with hints of sunlight.

*Leave the tail from knotting the first ribbon onto the cord out of being wrapped, it will be used to join the ends together during the final steps

**Try making loose or tighter wraps for an interesting variation in thickness of the ribbon wraps!