Hickory Tree Arm Knit Shawl Pattern

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This chunky arm knit shawl gives a warm feeling to any outfit. It is made with our Indigo Quail Soft Chenille Chunky Jumbo Yarn. The best part is that you knit with your arms! The pattern was crafted by Ariel from White Oak Knits.

Product Specs:

Craft: Knit
Category: Shawls & Scarves
Difficulty Level: Easy
Yarn Required: 3 Skein of Indigo Quail Soft Chenille Chunky Jumbo Yarn
Needle Size: (not included) Your Arms!!
Materials: (not included) Scissors
Finished Dimensions: Approx. 72" by 24"
Designed By: Ariel | @whiteoakknits
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