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Adventure Cardi At The Bahamas Kit

Sleeve Length

Do you want a garment that has many different styles all in one? Well you have found it! The Adventure Cardi was designed by Denae Merrill for Darn Good Yarn!! This is an easy knit, so don’t be afraid to give it a try! Each kit come with enough yarn to finish the style that you select and of course the pattern!

Please use the dropdown menu to select your sleeve length and size as this kit comes in 4 sleeve lengths and 2 different sizes, truly something for every body type!

The Adventure Cardi is the Darn Good Yarn Girls’ favorite kit! We released this kit at a trade show a few months back and people were freaking out over it they loved it soooo much!

And don’t forget that every purchase that you make from Darn Good Yarn you are helping provide jobs to more than 600 families in India, Nepal, and right here in the United States!

Join the change, spread the joy!

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