Chunky Recycled Silk Yarn "Penny Candy"

Inspired by vintage candy shops, bring joy, fun, and nostalgia into your next project with our soft, cord-like, recycled silk Penny Candy yarn.

Chunky Recycled Silk Yarn 'Penny Candy' - Multicolor Base. This yarn, multicolored and braided is super chunky!
Multicolor Base
Chunky Recycled Silk Yarn 'Penny Candy' - Blue Base. This yarn has a blue base with multiple other colors woven and braided into the chunky yarn.
Blue Base


Yarn Length:19 yards /200g
Yarn Weight:Super Bulky
Yarn Material:Recycled Silk
Needle Size:US 11-17
Hook Size:m/13-q
Gauge:21-24 sts knit / 12-17 crochet sts per inch
Physical Quality:Soft and Luxurious!
How to Clean:Handwash cold, dry flat
Best for:Knitting, Crocheting, Weaving, Rug Making, Jewelry Making