My package is missing, what should I do?

We know this can be super frustrating so we have a couple of solutions for you below.

If tracking shows delivered:

  1. It seems a little silly, but check with other family members and make sure they didn't grab it. (I've totally had my husband do this before and he'll set it somewhere that I would never see it and forget about it!)
  2. Check all around the house, sometimes postal workers will put it in "hiding" spots if it doesn't appear that someone is home or if it's too large to fit in a mailbox.
  3. Ask your mail delivery person if they remember delivering the package and if so where they may have placed it.
  4. If none of these are the case, we ask that you wait 3 business days after the stated delivery date as a lot of orders do show up a couple days later.
  5. If these 3 business days go by and nothing happens, please send us an email to so we can start the process of filing a claim and getting a new order sent to you.

If tracking is stuck:

Being an e-commerce business, sometimes we have to deal with lost and/or stuck packages with the mail couriers. We are super sorry your order happened to be one of those cases. Not to worry! Please send us an email to letting us know your item is stuck and we will re-ship your order!