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Easy Breezy Rainbow Wall Hanging

Pattern Information

Looking for a fun and simple outdoor project? This Branch Hanging is a breeze to make! This project is an easy way to add color and whimsy to any space! 🌈

  • Designed by: Shannon Roberts

  • Skill level: Beginner

Tools and Materials

A skein of 'At the Bahamas' Sari Silk Ribbon sitting in the sun
Sun's Out, Fun's Out

Here's What You'll Need:

The Pattern

Step 1: Get Your Ribbon Ready

Start by winding the sari silk ribbon into a ball. This makes it much easier to work with!  Next, cut the ribbon into 48-inch-long pieces.

Step 2: Lark's Head Knot Time

Next, make a lark’s head knot using a piece of ribbon. 

Do this by folding the ribbon in half down the middle. Place the folded end under the branch. Bring the two free ends of the ribbon over the branch and through the loop made by the folded end. Gently tighten the knot.

hands tying a piece of sari silk ribbon around a tree branch to make a wall hanging.
Ribbon folded in half under branch
hands tying a piece of sari silk ribbon around a tree branch to make a wall hanging.

Repeat this process with all ribbon pieces. My branch measured 54 inches long, but I only placed ribbons going 32 inches across the middle.

Step 3: Show off your Project

Time to display your beautiful natural wall-hanging! I used two pieces of extra twine I had laying around and tied to each end of the branch.

An easy to make DIY rainbow sari silk ribbon wall hanging, hanging on the edge of a porch
A gorgeous pop of natural color

I chose to create my Branch Hanging on my front porch while my daughter played in the yard. I got so many compliments from people walking by that I chose to leave it there - I just love the boho flair. 💜

And there you have it. An easy to make DIY Earth Day project, made entirely from recycled materials.

Ready to make one for yourself?

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