10 Ideas for Making Crochet Granny Squares

Are you someone that wants to learn how to crochet? Or do you remember your first crochet projects? DGY has some sweet basic crochet and knit patterns for beginners so be sure to see what we have for inspiration! We all have to start somewhere! (And remember, I tend to save the best ideas for last in this blog!)

1. You know where I started with crochet? Well, once I got beyond the chain stitch (ch) and learn the single and double crochet (sc and dc), I began making crochet granny squares. I highly recommended this once you get the basics down because the repetition helped me to be a better crocheter. I also loved it because I could make squares whatever size I wanted and once I got proficient, I made some really cool afghans!

2.Crochet Granny Squares are a great way to practice your basics and how about gauge? Experiment with different hook size to see what that does to your squares. And remember, that if you make an afghan you will want to have your squares all come out the same size so you can sew or crochet your squares together in a tidy fashion!

3. You  know me by now, and I am a color junkie! I purposely put the quiet gray/blue square above and then, the more colorful afghan where the colors both pop and meld. Start with left over yarn but once you "get the idea" of granny squares, get yourself some unique fibers and really go for it! Color in granny squares is what really makes them unique!

multicolored yarn skein with a darn good yarn tag

4. Be sure if you are using bulky fibers (which work up wonderfully quick) that you use a large crochet hook. The two go hand in hand so be sure to start your official granny square project with the right combination. It makes life easier!

5. Finish a square having taken a few notes. How many rows did you do, what size yarn and hooks?  Did you add any special stitches? Did your turn the corners with consistency?

6 And then, grab a ruler and measure the end result. For most granny square projects, you are going to want to have the squares all be the same size so hook size, yarns, stitches, and tension will make the difference between squares that are uniform in size.

7. Get beyond the idea of afghans! The bowl and jacket above are two nifty ideas for getting beyond granny squares as just for throws and pillows. Here are 10 free crochet granny square patterns to help you change it up a bit, courtesy of www.101crochet.com


8. If crochet granny squares is something you enjoy, please visit the Crochet Guild of America to find ways that you can donate your hand made squares. Seems like a simple way to give back to soldiers, ill children, or cancer patients!

9. Not a crocheter but enjoy sewing? How cool is this? This has similar patterning to granny squares but is handmade by a sewer. Did you know we have supplies for all crafters including our sewing friends?

10. I love saving the best and most intriguing for last. So here is an example of a crochet granny square with other fiber threading through it. Can you imagine creating squares and adding some sari silk ribbon? Or some chiffon? This kinda' opened things right up for me with the potential for re-creating the concept of granny squares!

I mean with all the open areas that granny squares create, there is a whole lot more to consider. Yes, there is the crochet piece and then what will you do with the square using other fibers?  Yahoo! I love how creativity takes off!