Free Pattern Friday: Get It, Girl Crop Top - Darn Good Yarn

Free Pattern Friday: Get It, Girl Crop Top

Before You Start:

Make a fun, breezy crop top with one of the first fibers we ever sold: our Premium Sari Silk Handspun Yarn! This easy knit pattern is available in Small to X-Large. 

Project Details:

Designed By: Kate Shields of @knitologyco

Skill Level: Beginner

Gauge: 4" x 4" = 10 sts x 13 rows 

Finished Measurements: 

Small: 32” bust x 11” long 

Medium: 36” bust x 12.25” long 

Large: 40” bust x 13.75” long 

X-Large: 44” bust x 15” long


Needle: US 11 24” Circular Needles OR US 11 Straight Needles 

Yarn: 3 Balls of Darn Good Yarn ‘s Premium Sari Silk Handspun Yarn   

Other: Tapestry Needle, Scissors


K: knit

K2tog: knit next 2 sts together

P: purl

P2tog: Purl next 2 sts together

Slp: Slip the first st

st(s): stitch(es) 


Note: This top is worked as one front and one back panel that are the same and will be seamed together at the sides. Finish by attaching around the neckline via two i-cord straps. 


Cast on 40 (46, 50, 56) sts

Row 1: Slp 1, k all sts

Row 2: Slp 1, p all sts

*Repeat rows 1 and 2 until you’ve knit 22 (24, 28, 30) total rows.


Row 1: Slp 1, k2tog, k until last 3 sts, k2tog, k1 (38, 44, 48, 54 sts left)

Row 2: Slp 1, p all sts

Row 3: Slp 1, k all sts Row 4: Slp 1, p all sts

*Repeat rows 1-4 until you have 24 (30, 34, 40) sts left.

Closing Row

Row 1: *P1, p2tog, repeat from * to end of row, casting off as you go.


Be sure to have knit the pattern twice so you have both a front and a back panel that are the same.

Blocking: I definitely recommend blocking your two panels before seaming them together.

1. Let the panels completely soak in warm water for 30 seconds.

2. Gently squeeze (do not wring!) the excess water from both panels

3. Lay them flat on a dry towel and roll them up inside then squeeze (again, not wring!).

4. Take a new, dry towel and lay them out in the shape that you desire and pin all edges straight.

5. Wait patiently for the pieces to fully dry.

Note: Blocking this fiber is essential because its thick and thin texture will drape beautifully once it is evened out. This also gives you the option of stretching your piece longer/wider if you desire so you get the perfect fit for you.


Seam the two panels together at the edges before you started decreasing so that the “wrong side” of the work is shown in the finished piece. This allows the garment to shape around the shoulders and drape past the bust.


Attach two 4” (4.5”, 4.5”, 5”) i-cord straps to your top. They should be placed at the corners of both panels, right at the end of the decreased rows

Try pairing this crop top with one of our Cotton Wrap Around Skirts, or Sari Silk Wrap Skirts