Finished cat ear beanie in mulberry colored yarn laying on white background.

Easy Cat Ear Crochet Beanie

Written by Kate Curry

We love cats. I mean, c’mon, we work with yarn! We decided to give a swing to create the ultra popular cat ear beanie, and we were surprised to find how easy it was! If you’re looking to crochet a super cute hat, this might just be the cat’s meow!

Woman wearing red lipstick looking away from camera wearing purple cat ear beanie in front of window full of sunlight.
How purrfectly cute is this? 😻



Hats are typically made with a 21 inch circumference - if you have a larger head measurement, you will need a larger foundation chain and an extra skein of yarn!


The Pattern

Step 1.

CO and using the foundation double crochet, creating 56 double crochets in total - or however many dcs you need to make a chain that is 21” long 

Step 2.

Join both sides of the fdc.

Step 3.

Row 1: Ch 2 and dc in each st in the row. You can place a stitch marker at the last dc to keep track of where you are in the round, if you don’t want to keep counting after every stitch!

A hand is holding a few rows of the beanie, a pink pastel stitch marker placed at the beginning of the row
BIP: Beanie in progress

Step 4.

Row 2-16: Repeat row 1

Step 5.

Row 17: Using the remaining yarn, sew the top of the beanie shut with your yarn needle. Your finished beanie will look like a cute little square.

Diagram of cat ear beanie showing the finished beanie on exotic cutting board with call outs for left cat ear, sewn edge, right cat ear and where to insert the human.
Final beanie components - including ears 😻

NOTE: The cat ear size will vary depending on the size and shape of your head. The cat ears will form along the sewn edge as the sewn edge will mold to the top of your or the recipient's head.

Woman wearing red lipstick looking away from camera smiling and wearing purple cat ear beanie in front of window full of sunlight.
A cute and easy single-skein project
Man pretending to be a cat wearing purple cat ear beanie in front of wall full of paintings.
What a self paw-trait 🦁

Meet the Author

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Kate has been on the Darn Good Yarn team since 2018.

They have their degree in Creative Art Therapy & Psychology - and like crafting and animals a little too much.