DIY Reusable Crochet Make Up Remover Pads Tutorial

Written by Kate Curry

Make yourself some DIY reusable makeup remover pads to add a little eco-friendly flare to your daily skincare routine. Made out of super soft reclaimed sport weight linen 2-ply yarn, these little scrubbies will be sure to remove any oils, makeup, and grime from your pores.

A gif of a thumb swirling white foamy suds of soap around the circle of the blue reusable crochet make up remover pad.


3.75 mm Crochet Hook 
Darn Good Yarn's Sport Weight Linen 2-Ply Yarn


CH: Chain 
Single crochet  
ST: Stitch 
SLST: Slip stitch
HDC: Half double crochet
BO: Bind off

Let's Get Started!

Round 1: Create a magic circle and CH 1
Round 2: 8 SC into the magic circle, SLST to the top of the first SC.
Round 3: CH 1, 2 HDC into each ST around, SLST into the first HDC. (14)
Round 4: CH 1, 1 HDC into the first ST, 2 HDC into the next ST, and repeat. SLST to the top CH of the  first HDC. (21)
Round 5: CH 1, 2 HDC into each ST around, SLST into the first HDC. (42)
Round 6: CH 1, 1 HDC into the first ST, 2 HDC into the next ST and repeat. SLST to the top CH of the first HDC. (49) BO and weave in the ends.
On the edge of a porcelain sink sits a pair of blue crochet makeup remover pads as well as an orange scrubbie.

Meet the Author

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