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Ribbon Nesting Baskets Kit

This fabulous crochet nesting basket pattern was designed by Pam of Pam Daley Designsand can be made with any of our ribbon yarns. The example shows the basket made from At the Bahamas Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn, in all of its beautiful jewel tones! It makes a fantastic Easter basket and then you can use it year round, because you can never have too many baskets around – use them in the kitchen, the bedroom, the powder room, even the patio or front porch! They are easy to make, easy to store and can also be great stash-busters.

If you are a beginner, you can so do this! You just need to know the following (Nicole's tip: There are youtube videos for all of these techniques if you're at all freaked out by them!)


sl st: Slip stitch

sc: Single crochet

hdc: Half-double crochet

You'll receive this pattern that was developed specifically for the Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon Yarn and three skeins of At the Bahamas Sari Silk Ribbon Yarn. As you can see, this is recycled sari silk ribbon in stripes of bold, vibrant jewel-toned hues! If you think the colors pop on the internet, wait until you see them in person! Each hank is 100g and has about 177ft of ribbon in it. After a long and strict selection process, the women who make our product cut the edges, and sew them end-to-end to create this phenomenal one-of-a-kind yarn. As always, remember that by getting this yarn (or any of our yarn or products for that matter!) in using it in your project,you are helping the women of India and Nepal become self-sufficient and provide basic needs of their family— like food, healthcare, shelter, and education— in ways they could not have otherwise done.

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