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What Can I Crochet With Lace Weight Yarn?

Crochet lace patterns can render beautiful, detailed, and dainty pieces. A popular yarn for these projects is Lace Weight Yarn because of its tiny, fine weight. Another favorite yarn to create that lace look on your next crochet project is Fingering Weight Yarn.

Take a close look at our Lace Weight Silk Yarn:

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Before we get into all the classics and garments you can create with crochet lace patterns, let’s talk about lace weight yarn and fingering weight yarn, the popular go-to’s for these types of projects. 

What is Lace Weight Yarn?

The word lace here describes the thickness of the yarn, rather than what has been made from the yarn. Lace weight yarn is generally a yarn that achieves around 8 stitches per inch when knit or crocheted. It may be composed of a single ply or multiple plies, and can be made from many different fibers. We LOVE our silk.

Up close image of hands using tunisian crochet to work with lace weight silk yarn in color surge in front of a white background.
Crocheting Lace Weight Silk Yarn in Color Surge

The Classics

The history of crochet is fascinating and beautiful, if a little mysterious. Regardless of where the craft originated first, people have been crocheting fine threads into beautiful lace for centuries. Doilies, table cloths, lace trimmings, decor, and more can all be done with a little crochet hook and a lot of lace weight yarn!


One of the wonderful benefits of choosing to crochet with your lace weight yarn is that the project will work up faster than a comparable project done with knitting. You may have noticed that crochet stitches are a little more voluminous than knitting stitches, thus crocheting with lace weight results in a fabric that’s ideal for garments. I love crocheting with our Lace Weight Silk Yarn because it produces a light and flexible fabric that still feels sturdy and opaque enough to wear often. Lacy stitch patterns or bold colorways can be used to create shawls and wraps with lots of visual interest.

Model wearing crossed stitch top in grey in front of a metal gate.
The Crossed Stitch Top in Grey Sport Weight Linen


Small weights of yarn can be used to create motifs that can be turned into jewelry, patches, keychains and other accessories. Have you ever checked out mini amigurumi? You can have a lot of fun making little shapes with some lace weight yarn, an added bonus of smaller projects is they make great scrap busters!

4 skeins of lace weight silk in the colorway exotic rainbow in front of a white background.
Lace Weight Silk Just Showing Off in Exotic Rainbow

For Practical Use

Everyone’s getting into the reusable bag trend these days, and there are lots of sustainable options out there. Have you ever considered making your own? Lace weight yarn is the perfect medium to create produce bags to bring along to the grocery store or farmer’s market.

Bowl of bright orange red and yellow tomatoes on a table next to 3 skeins of lace weight silk color surge.
Lace Weight Silk Looking Too Good to Be True in Color Surge

I hope you’ve been inspired to explore a lace weight project of your own. With a little patience, lace weight yarn can create the most beautiful things. Don’t confuse the delicate details with a flimsy material, crocheting with lace weight yarn can produce projects you’ll love to use again and again! Here are some examples and inspiration to titillate your creative imagination. Don’t forget to check out Darn Good Yarn® crochet lace patterns and kits. We’re on Ravelry, too! Are you ready to jump into lace weight crochet with both feet? Try a kit today, they come with a pattern and all the yarn you’ll need to create a masterpiece!