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The Ultimate Guide to Gifts for Knitters

March 29, 2019 6 min read

Treat Yourself: Best Gifts for Knitters (aka, YOU!)

Is there a knitter in your life with a birthday coming up? Are you getting in some early Christmas shopping for your aunt or sister who knits? If you're not a crafter yourself, or if the knitter you know seems to have everything they need already, finding the right gift for your well-deserving knitter can be a challenge! Thankfully, we're here to help you ace this gift-giving test! Welcome to the ultimate guide to gifts for knitters! Here are our top picks for knitter-friendly gifts:

1. Yarn of the Month Club Subscription Box

Our Yarn of the Month Subscription Box is the ultimate gift for knitters. Every month they'll receive a ball of yarn, a corresponding pattern, and a mystery gift! They'll also gain exclusive access to a huge community of knitters and crocheters that share daily inspiration, projects, and ideas. Each month's yarn is beautiful, high-quality, and made of a unique fiber. Your knitting loved one is sure to be inspired and absolutely thrilled by their monthly box! It's truly The Gift That Keeps On Giving. 

Women holding the first month box of Yarn of the Month. It's a purple box with watercolor yarn inside and ombre knitting needles and crochet hook.

2. Yarn

This one might seem obvious - but that's why it so often gets overlooked! Never assume that the knitters in your life have enough yarn. For a committed knitter, there is no such thing as too much yarn! 

One of the great things about shopping with Darn Good Yarn is that you have opportunities to find types of yarn that even the most experienced knitter you know has never tried before! For instance, we have eco-friendly yarns made out of banana fibers, cotton t-shirt yarn, and many yarns that are made from recycled sari silk! 

Ombre yarn in a basket in front of a white textured wall

3. Yarn Advent Calendar

Our newest product is the Yarn Advent Calendar. It's filled with 12 Days of easy knit, crochet and DIY crafts to do with you and your family! It's the perfect activity to fill your house with fun and easy decorations everyone will love. If you're looking for a great gift for the crafters in your life, give the gift of yarn! A new surprise every day will inspire and excite any yarn lover.

This joyous kit comes with 12 balls of cotton yarn & 6 different easy to make patterns. Each ball of yarn has roughly 80 yards.

Advent Calendar sitting on a fireplace mantel surrounded with Christmas decorations and yarn

4. A Yarn Bowl

If the knitter in your life doesn't have a yarn bowl, this is definitely a gift they'll appreciate! Yarn bowls hold your cakes and balls of yarn while you knit to keep them from rolling away, help the yarn to unwind neatly while you work and serve as a handy storage place for knitting needles. These bowls make a big difference in the ease and convenience of working on a knitting project.

Handmade wooden yarn bowl sitting on a stone slab with recycled silk yarn inside

Want to learn more? We have a great YouTube video showing you how to use a yarn bowl. Check it out!


Is a yarn bowl something that your knitter friend or relatives already owns? If they, like many of us fiber artists, tend to work on more than one project at a time, multiple yarn bowls are a great thing to have! Check our Darn Good Yarn's selection of yarn bowls to find the perfect one for the knitter on your mind. 

5. Knitting Patterns and Kits

One of the most exciting things that a knitter can receive is a brand new pattern. This is an even better gift when it comes with the yarn needed to complete the pattern! Knitting Patterns and Kits provide your gift recipients with new opportunities to do what they love and make handmade items that will remind them of you!

Many of Darn Good Yarn's knitting patterns are available for free, or for low prices! All of our kits include both a pattern along with the corresponding yarn in the color of your choosing! 

Zephyr Tides Cardi Knit Pattern & Kit

6. Yarn Storage Bag Bundle


Holidays are here which means you will be traveling around to visit family, friends, having longer commutes, or possibly just need better hiding places for your projects. The Yarn Storage Bag Bundle is the perfect companion for a knitter. It can easily hide your projects while making it so easy to pick up and work while on the go! We love the bundles because they come with special surprises inside that will spark inspiration to start making!

Women holding yarn storage bag filled with yarn and a yarn bowl outside

Are you ready to make a knitter's day with an awesome gift?

We hope that this guide has provided you with the answers you need! If you have any questions about the items above, or if you think we've left something out, please let us know in the comments below! 

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