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The Symbolism Of Soft Lilac: Color Swatches For The Soul

Written by Michaela MacBlake Matthews

Welcome back to another edition of Color Swatches For The Soul, where we are taking a closer look at the symbolism of shades, and how to set the mood for your craft projects, fashion, and lifestyle with color psychology! Today we’re looking at Soft Lilac.

Soft lilac symbolism: a flowering branch, a book, a ball of yarn, and a pair of fashion heels next to a woman's face, on a rainbow color palette background.

The Purple Family

In color psychology, and in the chakra system, purples represent spirituality and intuition. As one of the darker hues in the spectrum, purple often represents the night sky, or venturing into the greater unknown. Purple is a cosmic color, and is composed of a mixture between active reds or pinks, and observational blues.

Together, this secondary color loves to observe its own actions, and actively seek out new observations. It is this combination of internal and external movement that gives purple its royal and spiritual footing.

How Soft Lilac Sets The Mood

The color Lilac, like the flowering plant it is named after, can be used to describe both blue and red biased shades of purple. Most often, however, this particular color represents the pinker side of purple, while lavender is reserved for the bluer shades on the spectrum.

This pink tint gives Soft Lilac a young and sociable impression, as opposed to the deeper and more reserved jewel tones in the purple family. If royal purple is divine knowledge as a whole, Soft Lilac is the stray piece of wisdom from a stranger that steers you in the right direction. Soft Lilac represents the ocean in a drop, or a brief moment of magical connectedness.

Lilac colored ball of yarn above two crafter's hands, on a rainbow palette background.

How To Use Soft Lilac In Your Craft Projects

Soft Lilac is a gentle and passive color, making it an easy-going hue for large scale palettes. It can be used as the base color for projects that take up space, like knitted blankets, interior walls, and dresses, without needing a counter-balance color to quiet it down. Soft Lilac is also a welcoming hue, that can accommodate most detail and accent colors easily, or be used for finishing touches without challenging the existing color scheme.

A woman's face silhouette in soft lilac purple in a white frame, surrounded by a lilac and rainbow color palette background.

Color Palettes For Soft Lilac

Soft Lilac may be the single hue that goes with everything. It takes on a funky, lively tone with orange. It relaxes with blues, and recharges with greens. It softens reds, giving them a throne to sit on, and plays with yellows in the classic farmhouse, Easter dress sort of whimsy. Soft Lilac is sleek and curious with black, gives a pulse to grey, and adds a blossoming spirit to earthy browns.

All in all, Soft Lilac takes the explorative unknown of the spacey purple hue, and promises its lightness. It is a wonderful color to soothe an uncertain future, and takes on the energy of adapting to the moment with its trademark balance between intrigue and mutability. Use this color as an alternative to grounding browns, when you want stability and spunk to play together!

If you can feel it, there’s a color for it!

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