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DIY Handmade Ribbon Wreath Tutorial

Hey y'all! Chloe here. For those of you that don't me, my name is Chloe, I work for Darn Good Yarn, live in Charlotte, NC and I am a mom to 3 boys - I didn't give birth to 2 of them but we've been together long enough that they're mine. They are 7, 7 and almost 9. Needless to say, I am outnumbered on the testosterone train and life is full of ALL things little boys... This also means that crafting now looks very different than it did before children. I am a busy and exhausted mom who still really loves to be creative.

Spring has sprung and the other night I got a wild hair up my arse and decided I would make a wreath... but I didn't have any flowers and I couldn't find my hot glue gun (I actually didn't look for it) and I just didn't have the energy to forage for my own twigs to wind and wrap into a wreath. So I did the next best thing, I ordered a foam wreath on Amazon, used some Darn Good Yarn Sari Silk Ribbon and wrapped that bad boy up! 


Handmade Ribbon Wreath 

Step 1 - Pour glass of wine

Step 2 - Drink glass of wine (Repeat steps 1 and 2 as needed)

Step3 - Wrap the wreath with the At The Bahamas Sari Silk Ribbon you received in your package. I didn't want to set my wine glass down to tie a knot so instead I laid the tail of the ribbon horizontal across the wreath and then wrapped over it as I went. 

Woman's hand holding blue ribbon over a foam white wreath on top of a white crochet blanketWoman's hand holding blue ribbon over a foam white wreath on top of a black backgroundWoman's hand wrapping blue ribbon around a foam white wreath on top of a white crochet blanket

Step 4 - Keep on wrapping until it's covered. 

Foam white wreath partially wrapped in multicolored ribbon on top of a white crochet blanket

Step 5 - When you get to the end just wrap it around and then tie it off into a little loop on the back so you can hang it :) 

Close up of a blue and purple ribbon-wrapped wreath over a white crochet backgroundMulticolored ribbon-wrapped wreath next to matching ribbon on a white crochet doily background