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The Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Written by Kate Curry

Are you looking for a gift for the lovely plant lover or plant parent in your life? Let us plant crazies here at DGY help you out! We have a ton of floral and eco-friendly gifts that any plant lover is sure to adore! 
    1. Tiered Air Plant Hanger Kit

A three tiered plant hanger made out of multicolored yarn. Each little pot of the hanger has a small little green succulent poking out!

Keep your plants off your desk or table with this hanger made from our 100% Worsted Weight Silk Yarn. This hanging plant kit can be made in a plethora of color ways, so you can find a color to match your gorgeous plant babies. 

    1. DK Weight Naturally Herbal Dyed Recycled Silk Yarn Packs

On a white rug is an ombre green crochet scarf made out of green herbal dyed yarn. To the left of the scarf is a bushel of white silk flowers and a wooden yarn bowl with a small ball of herbal dyed yarn and a wooden crochet hook in it.

Created with 100% anamika silk, this DK weight yarn is hand-dyed using natural herbs, flowers, and plants. This stunning, soft, and silky yarn is perfect for tops, shawls, blankets, and sweaters. The plant loving hippie in your life will love to work with these naturally dyed yarns. 

    1. Sari Wrap Skirts - Discovery 3-Pack

A gorgeous black woman with is standing underneath a flowering pink bush. She's wearing an orange sari wrap skirt and an orange and pink medley scarf wrapped around her torso as a top.

Our sari wrap skirts come in a trillion different colors and patterns. Florals are one of the most common patterns to find. Get your plant lover a discovery pack - but let us know their favorite colors and flowers so we can try and pick them the skirts of their little floral dreams. 

    1. DIY Amigurumi Cactus Crochet or Knit Kit

A clean white wall is decorated with there different shelves, one simple, one circular, and one triangular. There are gorgeous green plants on these shelves, as well as some handmade amigurumi yarn cacti!

Does your person love plants…but they’re notorious for killing them? Get them a kit of cacti that they can’t possibly kill! With this kit, you can make adorable and decorative plush amigurumi cacti that you won't even have to water!

    1. Homely Houseplants Cross Stitch Kit

The DGY Homely House plants cross stitch kit on a white background, along with the cross stitch thread organizer that has multiple multicolored threads.

This kit is ADORABLE! This fun and easy cross stitch kit is perfect for anyone with a green thumb, or anyone who wishes they had one. I love trying to guess which plants are in the cross stitch - my favorite is the pothos! 

    1. Sunshine Mat Crochet Kit

A yellow floral mat is siting on a beige carpet. A person is sitting to the left of the crochet mat, holding a mug of coffee. To the right of the mat is a small cactus in a crochet white pot.

Who doesn’t love a colorful plant doily? Placing this vibrant, textured mat underneath your plant baby will really make them pop! This kit comes with our  100% Recycled Banana Fiber Yarn, a fun, plant based fiber.

    1. The Karabi Robe

A plus sized woman wearing a navy karabi floral robe, a russet top, a tassel necklace, and a pair of blue jeans is posing in front of a green hedge.

This elegant floral print will have you feeling your plant lover best. This lightweight robe can be worn when you’re doing your fertilizer and watering schedule, or while you’re outside in the garden enjoying the fruits of your floral labor. 

    1. Flower Power Editor's Box

The DGY flower power box: A green cardboard box that is surrounded by purple and pink silk flowers. At the opening of the box you can see a few colorful cakes of handmade yarn and a few books and notions.

Get this box for your favorite flower child and they will be able to create a bright bouquet to last all year! Watch their creativity and summer projects bloom with our exclusive line of silk roving yarns, and keep everything organized with fresh and fun stitch markers.

    1. Whimsical Flower Crown Kit

A flower crown made up of dark green, pink, and yellow ribbon and banana fiber is placed on an aged white wooden table.

This whimsical floral crown is the perfect plant and flower craft for your green thumb. You or your plant lover can follow the step by step tutorial to create your own flower crown and transform into a whimsical forest sprite.

Check out our tutorial!

    1. Gift Cards

Two darn good yarn gift cards, one mint green and the other a soft purple, are laying on a soft gray marble tabletop.

Hey, plant people can be picky. Trust me, I am one. Let your plant person bloom and let them choose the perfect gift for themselves with a Darn Good Yarn gift card! 

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