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The Best Gifts For People That Love Cozy Things

Written by Kate Curry

As a professional and certified Cozy Person, I have made it my life mission to find warm, comfy, and cozy clothing and accessories. What I call raccoon chic is a style focused on comfort and relaxation. With the winter coming up, most of us are going to be shut in at home trying to keep cozy. 

I’ve got a whole list of comfy and cozy clothes for you or your favorite cozy creature! 

Amara Long Recycled Sari Duster

Two blonde women are dancing on the sidewalk, wearing bright and colorful long dusters.

This robe is not just luxurious, it’s the perfect layering piece to add color to staple pieces in your wardrobe. Style it with jeans and a plain t-shirt for a look that takes the ordinary to a well-cultured style! I love wearing mine with black insulated leggings and a black turtleneck.  

Sari Wrap Skirt

A woman with long black hair is wearing a sari wrap skirt as she poses by a pumpkin and hay bales.

Ok - HEAR ME OUT! Skirts can be comfy and cozy, like our sari wrap skirts! I have worn my skirts in NYC winters with nothing but a pair of thermal leggings underneath and I felt like a little snow king! I felt no chills! Talk about stylish, comfortable, and warm!

Reclaimed Sari Medley Scarf

A woman with curly long hair is wearing all black as she stands in the sun, except for a bright and colorful medley scarf around her shoulders.

One of the most popular gifts for the Holidays last year, these medley scarves are handmade perfection! Step out into the chilly air while wearing one of these unique bad boys and you’ll be nice and warm.  These sari silk medley scarves are made with 7 different strips of brightly colored sari material and each one is a mystery waiting to be unraveled.

Claire Hooded Poncho

A girl with her hair in a bun is reading on a couch, wearing a soft brown poncho.

One of our newer pieces, these ponchos are so warm that I could live in one forever! With a flowy silhouette and cozy fabric, this poncho is especially comfortable for expectant parents. Who says you have to sacrifice style for comfort?

Handmade Kantha Quilt Blanket & Pillows

A soft grey couch is sitting by the window, a pink pillow resting on the back and a pink kantha quilt is folded at the foot of the couch.

Snuggle up in style with these gorgeous and colorful hand stitched blankets. And hey, when the winter is over, this versatile quilt can serve as a throw blanket in your home, a sitting space for a picnic or day at the beach!

Folklore Handmade Slippers

A pair of grey slippers are resting next to a pair of sunglasses on a blanket that is spread out on the grass.

Keep those tootsies warm with our handmade slippers! Each pair is hand knit with care by women achieving economic empowerment in rural areas of Azerbaijan! And trust me, these slippers are toasty for your toes.

Knit Or Crochet Them Something Warm & Cozy! 

A woman with dark hair is staring off behind the camera, wearing a patchwork scarf around her neck.

True warmth comes from within and what better way to share your warmth than by making your loved ones something handmade by you to keep them warm and cozy. I’ve got a few cozy patterns and kits that are sure to bring the heat!

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